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Translating / German translation
« on: April 25, 2017, 03:50:22 pm »
I downloaded the last german .po document. While i worked on it, i noticed that some of the translations are already in the game. Can someone enlighten me please? It's the first time i use Poedit, maybe i've missed something.

EDIT: In the po-files name is written: Apply German translations from BeastXXL.
But i can't find any BeastXXL, neither in this forum, nor at github  ???


Unarmed Aliens
I had it on 2 different maps that aliens didn't have any weapon equipped. They just fled and tried to hide.
First time i saw this at the map a "small hut" (don't know english name, it's little cabin in a large wood), there where Tamans and Hovers, the Tamans had no weapons.
Second time i saw this at the map "Lab" (?), Sheevars only, two of them had Kerknives, the rest of them were unarmed.

Buggy door
Also on the map "lab", there is a backyard door. That door appeared closed or opened, depending from what angle i looked at it. I could neither open nor walk through that door. I tried restart the game and load savegame, bug stayed.
I had something similiar in the "Old mine" map. There was a wooden "bridge" inside the mine that appeared/disappeared, depending from what angle i looked at it. It was usable though.

Sheevar without weapon and the door that can't be opened. On this screenshot it appears open:

I still have the savegame if needed.


- in the combat mode some buttons are too small in my opinion. The "visible alien" button could be an idea larger, because i use it a lot and always have to be careful to don't miss it
- same with the 3 buttons for the different states of the soldiers (life, tu and sanity(?)). They are easy to miss, i had to activate the option "confirm movement" to solve my continous misclicking. Maybe it would be helpful to expand the clickable area of those buttons that there is no space between them (could be done invisible)
- the accentuation of the actually chosen soldier in combat isn't intense enough. It should be seen without having to "concentrate"
- when i reload my weapons and don't have enough tu left, i usually put the magazine in the right hand at end of a turn. But when i do so in 2.6, the reload button isn't available anymore and i have to reload it manually in the inventory

Marketplace menue
- it would be nice if a mouseclick on an opened category would close it. Then it wouldn't be necessary to use the scroll bar that often

Soldiers and Soldiers and Pilots menue
- i don't know if it is the same in the english translation, but in german the skill numbers are sometimes readable and sometimes (very often) aren't. There seem to be no pattern behind it, because it was from soldier to soldier and skill to skill different. I had to activate the "stretch screen" option to solve that problem

Soldier inventory
- i don't like that i can't see the available space and that the items "float in free space" around the soldier. I think that propably makes it even harder for someone new to the game. For me it would be enough it were in a slightly darker grey or something like that

Campaign screen
- only something minor. When the clock counter runs, it "hurts" my eyes. I think it's because the timer somehow is centre aligned. Maybe it would be better to give each number a fixed space, or set the alignment to the left

- the fuzzy screen would have appeared like a graphic error to me if i haven't read about it at first. After playing a few hours and getting used to it i have the following opinion: In some screens it gives an interesting touch to the game, but in others it still looks misplaced and washed-out

Artwork / Civilians - head and body are "connected"?
« on: April 23, 2017, 09:32:08 am »
I don't have the skills to make or change meshes for civilians, but i wanted to make some new skins for (mainly) male civilians.

To increase my possibilities, i thought it would be nice to recombine heads and bodies. For example to take the head of a worker and the body of a scientist. Is that possible by nothing more than renaming the .mdx and .md2 files? Or don't they match automatically?

Discussion / Plasma Beam Technology
« on: February 25, 2016, 03:44:31 pm »
I shortly discovered Plasma Beam Weapons. To use those weapons I had to research something like "plasma handweapons". Iam able to use them and I even can produce the weapons, but iam not able to produce the ammunition (f.e. plasma rifles acceleration).
Is it intended or am I missing something?

Feature Requests / Delayed Marketplace
« on: February 20, 2016, 01:26:58 am »
I like how market and production works in this game, so I don't have to think about money.
But what I don't like is, market is faster then transfer. I can fire an employee and hire him instantly other side of earth. Same with weapons and stuff. Only use is to transfer things for scientific research.

It would be better if market would delay the offer of sold things for at least same amount as transport.

Artwork / Need help for basics
« on: February 20, 2016, 12:59:37 am »
Hi, I wanted to change skins for soldiers armour but can't find the original images. I started to work with the images I found in other mods, but it would be much easier with the original images.

I would like to know where are those of workers, scientists, etc too, because I maybe want to do some new outfits for them too (i've seen that's in the to do list and iam good with 2d artwork). I also would like to know if it's welcome to make skins for other 3d-models as usually used in the game. For example scientists with ordinary trousers, or workers of a different cultural background (what in some cases would change the clothing style). If yes, is there something where I can see that basic 3d-models more detailed and sorted as ingame?

Sorry for asking such basic questions, but I didn't find the answers in this forum.

Tactics / KIA: Reducing losses
« on: February 09, 2016, 03:33:25 am »
As i startes to play this game, I quickly learned that a false step with one of your soldiers is most likely equal with him dying. On the other hand, I used the retry button a lot and learned how I have to fight those battles to reduce the casualties.
I learned that smoke hides my soldiers from to be fired at. But as I moved too close to places where I neither reach enemies with my weapons nor see them, they just walked in the smoke and attacked my soldiers. In some cases setting fire can be helpful to block passages.
I thought most situations can be solved without losing soldiers (or at least can be minimized).

Now I had  a map (forgot the name) where I had to go down into a mine. It's like a labyrinth, with lots of holes to the different floors. It's hard to find cover and setting fire isn't that good as it seemed (a sheevar walked through fire to be able to shot one of my soldiers).
Do you have further tactics to reduce soldiers loss? Like throwing flashbang in hidden spots and advance with a scout to that spot?
What improved tactics you have?

By the way, is fire causing bleeding wounds?

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