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Translating / Re: German translation
« on: April 26, 2017, 08:39:21 am »
There are some cases where it's stated that the word should start with an uppercase letter. I changed what was possible, but sometimes there is no way to write something lowercase in german. I mean, it's possible, but it also is wrong. German depends way more on uppercase-lowercase-letters than english.
For exapmle the word "pilot", what means "Pilot" in german. No matter where "Pilot" is in a sentence, it's always written with uppercase "P". It's part of the base concept of written german.

So, is it really a SHOULD, or is it a MUST?

Translating / German translation
« on: April 25, 2017, 03:50:22 pm »
I downloaded the last german .po document. While i worked on it, i noticed that some of the translations are already in the game. Can someone enlighten me please? It's the first time i use Poedit, maybe i've missed something.

EDIT: In the po-files name is written: Apply German translations from BeastXXL.
But i can't find any BeastXXL, neither in this forum, nor at github  ???

I never had aliens without any equipment; at least, they had a grenade or a plasma blade. Which difficulty did you choose?
I've chosen "very hard". Maybe this problem is only in the beginning of a campaign, when aliens don't use advanced technology. I've seen aliens without weapons until they had plasma rifle. Since they use plasma rifles, they all have weapons.
And iam sure they didn't just drop their weapon, because i saw them even turn 1 without weapon.

Don't know if that is of interest, but i think i had more fights then usual such early in the beginning. Maybe you increased number of UFOs in 2.6.

Maybe could you also try the keyboard shortcut (space bar)? (note: I prefer small buttons to have a large view of the map).
Sure. But sometimes i am too lazy to use a second hand.  8)

And what i wrote about the missing reloading button, forget it. Maybe i hadn't seen it or i was somehow abscent, but it seems to work as intended.


Unarmed Aliens
I had it on 2 different maps that aliens didn't have any weapon equipped. They just fled and tried to hide.
First time i saw this at the map a "small hut" (don't know english name, it's little cabin in a large wood), there where Tamans and Hovers, the Tamans had no weapons.
Second time i saw this at the map "Lab" (?), Sheevars only, two of them had Kerknives, the rest of them were unarmed.

Buggy door
Also on the map "lab", there is a backyard door. That door appeared closed or opened, depending from what angle i looked at it. I could neither open nor walk through that door. I tried restart the game and load savegame, bug stayed.
I had something similiar in the "Old mine" map. There was a wooden "bridge" inside the mine that appeared/disappeared, depending from what angle i looked at it. It was usable though.

Sheevar without weapon and the door that can't be opened. On this screenshot it appears open:

I still have the savegame if needed.


- in the combat mode some buttons are too small in my opinion. The "visible alien" button could be an idea larger, because i use it a lot and always have to be careful to don't miss it
- same with the 3 buttons for the different states of the soldiers (life, tu and sanity(?)). They are easy to miss, i had to activate the option "confirm movement" to solve my continous misclicking. Maybe it would be helpful to expand the clickable area of those buttons that there is no space between them (could be done invisible)
- the accentuation of the actually chosen soldier in combat isn't intense enough. It should be seen without having to "concentrate"
- when i reload my weapons and don't have enough tu left, i usually put the magazine in the right hand at end of a turn. But when i do so in 2.6, the reload button isn't available anymore and i have to reload it manually in the inventory

Marketplace menue
- it would be nice if a mouseclick on an opened category would close it. Then it wouldn't be necessary to use the scroll bar that often

Soldiers and Soldiers and Pilots menue
- i don't know if it is the same in the english translation, but in german the skill numbers are sometimes readable and sometimes (very often) aren't. There seem to be no pattern behind it, because it was from soldier to soldier and skill to skill different. I had to activate the "stretch screen" option to solve that problem

Soldier inventory
- i don't like that i can't see the available space and that the items "float in free space" around the soldier. I think that propably makes it even harder for someone new to the game. For me it would be enough it were in a slightly darker grey or something like that

Campaign screen
- only something minor. When the clock counter runs, it "hurts" my eyes. I think it's because the timer somehow is centre aligned. Maybe it would be better to give each number a fixed space, or set the alignment to the left

- the fuzzy screen would have appeared like a graphic error to me if i haven't read about it at first. After playing a few hours and getting used to it i have the following opinion: In some screens it gives an interesting touch to the game, but in others it still looks misplaced and washed-out

Tactics / Re: Cannon fodder
« on: April 23, 2017, 12:56:35 pm »
When you hit 2 aliens with one salve, does it count as 1 hit or as 2?

Artwork / Civilians - head and body are "connected"?
« on: April 23, 2017, 09:32:08 am »
I don't have the skills to make or change meshes for civilians, but i wanted to make some new skins for (mainly) male civilians.

To increase my possibilities, i thought it would be nice to recombine heads and bodies. For example to take the head of a worker and the body of a scientist. Is that possible by nothing more than renaming the .mdx and .md2 files? Or don't they match automatically?

Tactics / Re: Ninja playstyle possible?
« on: April 22, 2017, 12:41:45 pm »
Or perhaps you just restart a mission if you happen to lose a soldier ?

That means you play on very hard without reloading and manage to not lose more than 2-6 soldiers per capaign? That's really good!

Tactics / Re: Cannon fodder
« on: April 21, 2017, 11:37:05 am »
It should be possible to get way over 60 strength. In my actulal game i have one soldier with strength 61 (56 missions). All i do is always put weight to exactly 50% before each mission. That's why i have so much grenade launcher ammunition in stock.  ;D

Artwork / Re: Artwork needed
« on: April 20, 2017, 01:25:53 pm »
Is the Todo/Genral list still correct?
Is it worth to do something of that stuff? Because I have the feeling that, since the last version was released far in the past,  nothing is done anymore?

What buildings do I build first? Another lab? Another interceptor bay?
I think there are many possible ways, but i prefer not to build anything in main base for a long time and start building a second base at turn 1. You only need 4 buildings (commando, power, radar, entry) to cover more map (248.000 credits). 2 more buildings (quarters, storage) to defend it if necessary, but you don't need those first few months. In that second base i build laboratories by and by. I start building 3rd base usually very early too, about 3rd or 4th month (that's where i build my workshops).
What do I do with production and research teams?
Production at the beginning is useless. I fire the workers but keep the workshop until i have a factory base with at least 3 or 4 workshops. First things i usually research and build are the better armour and laser rifles when available. Before that plasma rifles are nice and maybe Kerrblades.
How do I fill the ten extra beds I'm given at the beginning of the game?
I never hire personal just to fill beds. I only hire what i need, because personal is expensive. On the contrary, in bases where i have no soldiers or strong air defense, i keep free beds to be able to hire soldiers if that base is under attack.
What attributes do I pick for my starting attack group ...?
The first 3 attributes, Strength, Speed and precision are the most important for me when i recruit new soldiers. Sanity can be ignored and the weapon class skills will raise very fast by using the equivalent weapons. In even ignore most of the time in which weapon type they start off good with and equip them with whatever i like. But once i did that, i never switch weapon type.
... and how do I equip them?
Again, many ways to do it. I prefer 1-2 sniper, 1-2 grenade launcher (later on, when i use a 12 men ship, sometimes i use one of them as missile), one flame thrower and at least 4 rifles. I start with 2 assault rifles and 2 machine guns. Then i switch part of them to plasma. I like rifles most, because there are all kinds of rifles for different range and uses. After a while i add a second close combat soldier with Kerrblade (and lots of hand-grenades), later on i replace Kerrblade with monomoleculare blade. I don't use pistols at all, i don't like the low damage, but maybe for first few months they are ok (but beware, they are close combat and in my opinion there are much better weapons for close combat then pistols).
In mid game, i have about 12 soldiers for my 8 men ship. Then i can easily replace wounded soldiers or choose the weapon types depending on the map.
How should I equip my first interceptor and transport?
I think most have been said, but in general, i don't equip my transports at all.

Hi everyone,

anyone has the Sersarana Skins? The download page doesn't exist anymore. It would be nice i f someone could reupload them.

EDIT: Nevermind, i found them.

Another QUESTION: I wanted to use that files as base for my own images. The problem is, i have no idea about scripting and there aren't any changes for the helmets of the armors. But the ideas i had would include a change of the colour of the helmets. Anyone knows a solution?

Tactics / Re: Base placement and management tips requested
« on: February 26, 2016, 08:11:03 pm »
I thought they can be destroyed by alien ships, because one destroyed a ufo yard of mine and in the description of radar is written that they are easily spotted. That information helps a lot for strategic planning, thank you

Discussion / Plasma Beam Technology
« on: February 25, 2016, 03:44:31 pm »
I shortly discovered Plasma Beam Weapons. To use those weapons I had to research something like "plasma handweapons". Iam able to use them and I even can produce the weapons, but iam not able to produce the ammunition (f.e. plasma rifles acceleration).
Is it intended or am I missing something?

Tactics / Re: Base placement and management tips requested
« on: February 25, 2016, 03:06:09 pm »
I have 6 bases all together for radar coverage and didn't build radar towers. Maybe radar towers are cheaper, but I cannot defend them from being destroyed. Bases I can defend and they cover a huge area. At the moment I have one base at each continent (that was my primary goal from gamestart on) and think about building two more, one to cover south pole and one for Pacific.
One base each continent means 6 bases. 6 bases are 18 external constructions I can place wherever I need them. I divide them on global aspects, not thinking 3 structures for each base

Discussion / Re: no way to continue
« on: February 22, 2016, 08:38:30 pm »
I love that map too. When using smoke make sure to keep enough distance to the surrounding buildings, otherwise you may have company.
In my opinion it's one of the easier maps. I can't remember, but it was this map or a forest map where I managed to kill all aliens first turn. I think anonymissimus pointed out how to manage that map easy.

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