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User modifications / Convert saves from Simple to Full Campaign
« on: January 10, 2013, 08:53:47 pm »
Dear all,
I've spent considerable time putting toghether and training a nice team in a "simple campaign" just to find out that it does not allow me to finish the game due to the lack of UFO's and alien material. Now I'm with the problem of how to "turn" my save from Simple to Full campaign. Any ideas?
I've placed my save file in this link:;topicseen#new
best wishes,

Dear All,
First of all, congratulations for the fantastic game this community is putting together. It has really taken me back to the 1990s and beyond.
I'm playing UFOAI 2.4 for MAC in the Simple Campaign version. At this moment the game is in 9th December 2084. My man have made almost 50 operations with landed UFOs but my UFO Silos still empty. Most importantly, I'm not able to find and use Alien Material to create, for instance, Coilguns.
Thus I was wondering if this was a bug related to this version of the game, or something built-in the normal progression of the game.
Best regards,

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