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Bugs in older version (2.4) / vanishing mission "underground pipe"
« on: September 02, 2012, 07:41:54 pm »
hello earth warrior's  :P

most off the time (before going to bed...)
if save when the firebird is going to a tactical mission
latter, when i load back the save all is fine, with the firebird targetting the mission

but it fails with the specific mission "underground pipe" a terror mission with a blue icon on the geoscape map

sometimes this mission popup again on the geoscape map
if i save again the same things will come again (target lost if loading a save file)

but i i stay in game and follow the line
the blue mission icon will vanished from the map but the firebird will stay on the target until the "enter" box

while on the way i saw the SAME mission on another region but the firebird stay on his first target
this mission run fines in itself the problem is only about the geoscape
after the mission the second spot where this was the same mission had vanished again

version 2.4 (linux debian from
full campaign mode "standard"

i've found nothing usefull in the console.log
in the console i try loading differents save
the good one is slot4

when i saved the slot4
there was the firebird going to the pipe mission near korea
and another spot with the same mission in central india

(but you can see nothing when you load the save file)
and the firebird become "back to base" unstead of "going to mission"

by the way
??? how  can you open the compressed xml file

Discussion / 2.2.1 building aircraft / using hangar for aircraft
« on: June 26, 2008, 10:12:37 pm »

I'm under XP (maybe ubuntu some times :-)
in the standard campain

i built workshops and can build many things (standard or new researched ones)

I've gone in the aircraft/produce frame and made AA sparrowhawk, ECM,...
all works fine

but no plane !!!

of course i have 1 empty big hangar waiting for the new plane
I've tried too with 2 hangars and a got plane in one of them

still unable to build one

i 've tried stiletto/Saracen/firebird/dragon(after research of course)
no one seems to be buildable

they are added to the work queue with a cost and the hour number
but the hour counters never decreased, even after a few days

?? did i missed something

or is it something to big to be build in base

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