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Artwork / Herakles Revised
« on: October 09, 2012, 12:27:41 am »
I must say it - current design is HORRIBLE!

I know, to change that, much work must be done and it isn't easy, but still...

I'm still trying to learn, how to do things by myself, as I want tune up many assets, but can't dive in fully right now.

Here goes fast/rough design of my implementation of herakles dropship. I assume that doors will be by sides and back.

At start I wanted to give it rotor engines, as it's pretty realistic comparing x-com universe tech basis, but, though, if alien tech will be used for such craft, than alien propulsion engines will take place of advanced alien tech. If there's doubts bout such craft realism and possibility to exist for them, please read 'bout modern vtol aircrafts, especially Osprey craft, which I take as reference. It's more plane'ish, difference from my design is clear... but it's 2084, so, thought, some tech MUST advance, so - let's imagine, that blueprint was experimental before, but lack of engine power for such compact (comparing to modern VTOL airplane Osprey as design), made it frozen. Like that. So, tell me, what do you think.

Ah, and if you realy realy realy don't want to do additional work, I'll than try to learn more and implement it by myself. XD

Design / Fire animation dellay.
« on: October 05, 2012, 01:51:29 am »
If it's possible, make firing/attack animation execute after some delay, when command was given. As well, as before firing, delay should execute "ready to fire" state, removing glitchy animations, when using weapons, like shooting just from standing idle and then putting weapon to idle again.

Design / Base defense cameras, spotting aliens.
« on: October 05, 2012, 01:40:04 am »
Idea simple as pie. Top-secret underground base MUST have observing security cameras. So - if simply put idea - when aliens attack, they all are always visible to PHALANX soldiers/defenders (thought, if stealth aliens will be, they are exception then), and by that, base defense should be great and appealing game-play experience, neither like searching for damn last one half an hour.

Nothing fancy, no modeling or hardcore overkill programming. Just as visible everything on map, which, kinda, will work.

Of course, nothing like that shouldn't be on other maps, as it won't be interesting, but for base defense - I think, it should be great implementation.

Artwork / Dropship/Fighter Contribution
« on: October 04, 2012, 06:17:10 pm »
After some unappealing designs, I come to this one, made in 3 hours.

Design isn't sci-fi opera, but 2084 tech style, if you approve that.

Idea was top secret project of nations to experimental stealth fighter/dropship. It'll carry 6 PHALANX fighters and 2(or 1 pilot, if 2 is overkill). It's better than stilleto and, kinda, close, but not very, to Dragon class. But all that is just my idea, ballance work is for you, people.


As promised, Updated. I finished unwrapping (wheef, it's always taking so much time... and it's so much fun, to play LEGO with all maps I made). Tomorrow I'll start drawing textures, so for today, it's enugh.

I, as well, did optimizing and managed to make interior-less model to 498 tris and landed one - to 568 tris. As well, I made very low-poly one too, for geoscope. 246 tris. (green one)

Ah, I did landed one just like it's needed. I even, somehow, managed to fit in all textures... thought, interior will be, kinda, low-quality textured, but, oh well - it still be gonna good ;D.

As well, right after I'll finish texturing, I'll make, as well crashed craft one too.

After drop-ship, I'm planing onto alien tank (that last one on legs), if no one will stop me. As well I want to discuss some other design things, but all must by one by one, not all together. Let's finish one topic, at begin.

Or, may be, I should remade that awful Heracles drop-ship? hm? I, actually, have nice concept idea to heavy transporter, with realistic non - sci-fi design, and, as well, much much cutter XD.


So far, so good. Texturing is long time work, but it's funny to watch, how work take some awesome shape.

I'm making 1024 texture, and it look good, so far. Still, if using 512, as in comparison example, it's pretty blur. Dunno, but I want moar power of engine :P.

First one:

Mission Mansion (small one), :Important person lives here:, last alien sin't physically on map, or should I say - it's not even in map, but game say's, it is. Leaving territory by abandon, system said there was last alien survivor (who killed all civilians, as I leave territory). Don't have save now.

Second one:

Such missions, as above, have strange bug. If save before enter it in geoscape, loading this save makes it disappear in pause mode. As I start time, it appear again. Same one.

Third one:

In base defense maps, defense structures, such as missile battery and laser defense, on surface has wrongly placed antennas in mirror side. I mean, they were 180degrees turn upside down.

Fourth one:

Can't say for sure, but research log on object: Alien targeting (or somehow like that. Alien computer, for sure), in preview window had inverted faces, so, object textures were from inside. As well they were too big, for minimal zoom in window to fit.

Sry, can't find any screenshots I made. Thought, they weren't screened at all, as I guess now.

Save games won't change much, so, I'll give everything what asked, if need. As well I'll answer questions too.

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