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Mission: UFO Landed on an otherwise peaceful, mundane block of commercial buildings with large windows on the second floor, a few trucks, streets, et cetera.

Occurance: One alien standing on the second floor in plain view through the window. I had one of my men - carrying a rocket launcher - shoot the greenie; in spite of the window, the shot went right through and killed the alien, but I was then instantly brought back to Geoscape, mission UNDONE. Meaning I have to do it all over again. Oh boy.

UFO:AI Latest Stable Ver. 2.3.1

Tactics / UFO Yard not getting any!
« on: December 11, 2010, 04:40:42 am »
Greetings fellow men of the stand,

In these troubled times of earthly resistance, my somewhat successful operation is not evoluting to my satisfaction but for one small detail which escapes my reasoning and patience both. I've downed an alien UFO fighter and having constructed the Yard which is a requisite for storage, chose to keep it to myself. Our chief scientists congratulated me, an instant message informed of its transfer to the Yard, but the weeks passed, more fighting happened, I was actually told that the Yard had one space consumed by the aforementioned UFO fighter, except it never made it there. The Yard is empty. I'm told the aliencraft is not available for research. It's nowhere to be found.

Is this a bug or am I missing something particularly obvious here? This is my first play-through. I've researched Laser Waves and the Alien Armor.


By the way, since we're here already, why not ask something else, right? I searched the forums and read about weapon loadouts and such. My questions is: in UFO:EU, Plasma was definately the best weapon in game, but apparently in here, Plasma is not all that great and Lasers are actually pretty good. Is this correct? Also, I'm rather fond of my snipers; should I start training them to use heavy laser rifles instead of sniper guns proper? I wish there was a laser sniper rifle, tho. Seems to me a shame I'm to drop my snipers because their weapon of choice will become obsolete.

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