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Feature Requests / Clack. Clack. [b]BOOM![b]
« on: June 27, 2011, 05:37:30 am »
Come here you little green sucka....  I miss the days setting booby traps for the aliens and watchign them troop into a kill zone loaded with high explosive gifts for our visitors from another world.  I have often wondered, how hard is would it be to code and create a claymore-type mine into our little game.  Even special forces carry these types of weapons for settign up ambushes.  And, if you rely on a manned detonator, it would be EW proof.  For me, it makes scense to have manned kill zones to settle these little disputes when the aliens are attempting to assault a position.  Settign up killzones with a set of machine-guns are nice, but they would be more effective if we could include mines.  Not the kind you step on and go boom, but the clack, clack, BOOM! kind of claymore type mine.  To me the game just seems lackign without that kind of firepower.

Feature Requests / Where is the air support?
« on: June 21, 2011, 12:21:40 am »
Any chance of us seeing the ablity to strafe a target prior to phalanx landing?

Feature Requests / Re: Grenade launcher : high register fire
« on: June 20, 2011, 09:27:17 am »
One thing my grandfather taught me was NEVER throw or fire a grenade into a window, because of the high likelyhood of missing.  I do with for higher angles of fire, but not to the point where I am shooting upwards and praying wind catches it.  But, so far, I have found that bouncing a grenade off a rooftop gives you some good distance, but lousy accuracy, but with plasma grenades, who needs it, just land it in the general vicinty of your target and its cooked.

Feature Requests / Re: Couple ideas
« on: June 20, 2011, 09:24:19 am »
Any chance of seeing ablative/reactive armour for your troops and UVG's?  The thought there is addition plating hat goes over what is there and is expended when the soldier is hit. 

Got the idea when studying some of the old Soviet armours on thier tanks and was wonderign how hard it would be to come up with somethign for troops and would it fit with our time frame?

Feature Requests / Re: Couple ideas
« on: June 13, 2011, 04:36:05 am »
Well crap.  There goes my land, call in airsupport, and blast to hell tactic. 

Did some lookign though on the interwebs though and found somethign, intrestign that would fit with the UAV and UVG thing though, a survallence aircrafted called the Global Hawk.  Something like this could be used to recon the battlescape before touch down and give a first turn location of all bugs that have exited the downed or landed craft.  But, I think the downside would be that it would be a one time use per mission.

Feature Requests / Re: Soldier's Rank in Battlescape
« on: June 06, 2011, 10:31:38 pm »
It would make more scense as well becasue you would want your squad leader to be readily avalible as well.

Feature Requests / Re: Gun attachments and other ideas.
« on: June 06, 2011, 10:24:34 pm »
Any chance of us seeing anything liek the M-203 assault rifle w/ an underslung single shot grenade launcher?  Found more than one instance where the weapon type would be useful.  Like inside of a UFO.

Feature Requests / Re: Couple ideas
« on: June 06, 2011, 10:21:33 pm »
Also, what about the capablity to deply either a UAV or a VTOL-type fighting vehicle onto the battle site.  The craft would have to be deployed from a larger dropship, but, with the Firebird model I think it could be doable to code a modual onto the crew compartment that opens up to launch the crafter, that, or it rolls out of the sides like a UVG, then it launches.  To my mind it would carry a chin mounted las-designator, and a chaingun.  On the wingpylons we would have one fo two diffrent type of armaments, a Hydra-type rocket pod, or a Hellfire type las guided missile.  Personally, I would prefer the Hydra-type with the amount of EW that is on the ground. 

Now, as for research, I think that the first variant should be built with off the shelf tech, like most of the early stuff that is current avalible.  For later craft, like the fighters, the research should dictate what is avalible, as well as what the craft can and should be armed with.  You are not goign to stick AM missiles on an early version, too heavy and such.  Not to mention, a chin mounted plasma cannon, forget it, you would melt your nose and electronics and sighting mechanisms off. 

Feature Requests / Re: Couple ideas
« on: June 06, 2011, 08:45:29 am »
COming from a historical standpoint, normally you only use IN refueling if you have total control of the air.  In AI, we do not.  Kinda makes the idea of it rather risky to begin with.  Though, I do like the idea of both AM warheands and plasma warheads.  I belive I suggested before the thought of at least a plasma warhead.  I see you suckas!  BOOOM!  (Incert manical evil laugh.) 

Though, honestly, I like the idea of an AC-130 type aircraft over head in either the tactical run, or, the touch down phase of a mission.  My thought there would be for it to be loaded with several SHIVA's, a 105mm and 2 40mm bofors cannons.  Basically, enough bang to make the aliens go Holy S*&^!  And enough firepower to put the hurt on them as needed.  However, due to fuel as well as enemy aircraft support could be avalible for short periods of time or not at all.  And, it would make the tactical team more intresting if you had one tropper armed with a radio and a laser designator. 

The thought there is use the designator on the turn before to mark the airstrike, next turn, air strike from the gunship hits, turn three, mop up survivors.  Or, we could use the Stileto as a CAS (Close Air Support) system.  Load it up with the T-20's rockets and bring the pain, as well as a nose mounted SHIVA.  It would honestly give life to the fighter after you have reserached out the new and better gear and ease up on the AM problem, when you are dismataling enemy harvesters for thier weapons and gear and fuel.

Now, I did have a thought, and I am not sure this has been brought up before, but, what about using heat-sinks or silicon based ceramic trauma plates over the chest and back to counter act plasma fire?  This would be an addition to the tier 1 body armour we already use in game.  And, trauma plates are already in use in most modern militaries as well as police forces.  somethign like this I see as a way to either slow down the shot or to prevent complete or partial pentration of the round into the torso of the trooper.  Well, I think that is all for tonight, and, yes, as you can all see I am still alive.  Night all.

Feature Requests / Plasma warheads!!!
« on: April 30, 2011, 06:23:15 am »
Ok, I am tired of my missile launcher being outmoded in a month, and, the grenade launcher gettign all the love with the plasma bombs.  Sometimes, I need something with a HELL of alot more range, and oomf than the thump gun.  Especially when they are in a tight cluster and out of range of even a bounced grenade.  Thing is, when I hit them with a normal HE rocket, the bugs all flip me the bird and laugh.  Well, I wonder what would happen if I hit them with a plasma warhead.  SUCKAS!  BOOM!

Design / Re: "FIX BAYONET"
« on: April 27, 2011, 10:02:15 pm »
You got a point there.  With an energy based weapon, I am goign to agree there with you on the bayonet being useless, becasue fo the delicate lenses and the like.  But on a solid state assault rifle (AKA m-16 types) the bayonet will be nice.  But, If I gotta get that close, they are too damned close, and, I am already dead.  When I talked to the Old Man about the charge, he said the biggest reason why they did it was becasue they needed to move fast and hit hard.  Not did in and fight.  They needed over the Causeway at all costs, even if it meant to charge and take the German at knifepoint.

Design / Re: "FIX BAYONET"
« on: April 27, 2011, 03:13:09 am »
I am a history major and have studied primarrily American Modern Military history and I can come up with two instances where the bayonet was used in its propper combat role.  The first was in Operation Overload, LTCol Cole's Charge up Causeway Four into the occupied town of Carentan, France.  First and ONLY time my grandfather, a WW2 Eagle heard the command from his officers, FIX BAYONETS!  The second was in the darkest days of the Korean War.  I only remember that one from a vet that told me when they went back to retake the ground one of the frozen enemy dead had a toe tag on him as well as a bayonet in his chest with the tag reading "courtisy of I company."

Now, to address the amour problem.  US Marines, Army, and other combat forces are taught,, correct me here if I am wrong, please, to aim for vital points on the body.  These would be the chest, head, throat, and legs.  Heck, even on an ortnock, a buttstroke to his kneecap is gonna put him down.  Somethign that damned big has alot fo weight on those two legs, and, with it being a joint it will be vulnerable to being stabbed or out and out clubbed. 

Feature Requests / Re: Gun attachments and other ideas.
« on: April 26, 2011, 03:33:57 pm »
Land Warrior - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Here is one link.  As for the self-sealing, it seems I was wrong.

But a system like this would be intresting, but I am not sure if it could work with the amount of EW that the alien warships put off when landed.  I can understand it being fielded with several replacement parts, or sections beremoved from it and up-graded, but overall, it may not work with the setting we have here in UFO:AI.  However, the intergrated NVG, as well as the IR would be intresting, as well as the bio-monitering of soldiers.  And, if sufficent advances were made and the current technology shrunk down, what about a direction shot locator?

That kind of a subsystem would need to be mounted in the backpack on at least three of the troops to actually work, triangulation, but it DOES WORK.  The same princible was used in the Second World War to hunt for hidden radios and flush out partisans when they checked in.  But you had to have at least three systems to get an accurate fix.  It would make things easyer in game I think for sniper hunting if you had this kind of system inplace as opposed to the troops gewttign pasted from a shooter in the window.

Feature Requests / Re: Gun attachments and other ideas.
« on: April 22, 2011, 05:05:17 pm »
Sorry about me being MIA, but the part about the armour sealing itself is actually under current developtment in the US Army under the Landwarriro system, if the History channel is to be belived.  But, personally, I like the idea of the body armour being unsealed, this is off the shelf tech, not still in RnD tech.  Though, I would like to see what would happen if the troopers were given a man-portable vulkan.  Ok, I know, not doable, but, to me oh so sweet a dream. 

*wipes off the drool from his face.*  Anyways, I do like the idea of the missile launch instead of exploding on contact, of deploying a cluster bomb warhead.  Hazardous, yes, feasable, yes.  A simple motion sencor trigger would be immune to the alien EW, JUST, do not set the mines at the door of the alien vessel.
And speaking of mines, what about the use of Claymore mines?  I remember in all the X-Coms there was a claymore type that remained viable almost to end game.  The thought here though, is instead of a radio detonator, we have to due to the advanced alien EW, fall back on the old tried and true clacker.  *clack, clack, BOOM!*   Ball-bearings go bouncing EVERYWHERE shredding anything not in hyper advanced body armour.  And even then its a crap-shoot if you survive if you are point blank.

Feature Requests / Re: Upgrade basebuildings - another way
« on: March 07, 2011, 07:16:26 am »
I am not a big fan of mechs.  Period.  And to me, the corridors are a time honored HUMAN military tactic of establishing a choke point in and around vital instaltions and entrances.  The corridor weapon systems, as arms are researched could be upgraded to A) be more resistant to plasma ordnace, or B) armed and equiped with lasar, plasama or even railgun type weapon systems.  But to me, this mitigates the reaon for the security corridor.  It is meant to supliment the small arms that the soldiers carry.  At one end, closest to to the entrance of the instaltion, you would have the CCTV camera with fish eye and IR lense.  In the center of the cieling a drop drop Vulcan/Shiva cannon firing solid state ammo at the poor unfortunates.  And, hiding behind security barricades, several PHALANX soldiers with automaticv weapons returning fire with arms ranging from assault rifles to sub machine guns. 

An assault on a secured and hardened installation is MEANT to be dicey and bloody, esp for the attacker.  It is not ment to be a free fire zone like many of the ground assault runs.  And, if the bugs have penetraded deep enough into your base to hit the security corridors, then something REALLY bad is going down.  I envision them as a LAST line of defense for the vital base structures, as well as choke points to thin them out on the initial landing.  At the entrance, and, the hangers, I EXPECT to lose the automated weapons there.  However, if they are deep enough into my base that my CnC is threatened, I will be digging in at those corridors and bringing all guns to bare,as well as any surviors with a riotgun, a hand grenade, and a chip on thier shoulder.

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