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Hey I was wondering if I could get a job working on ufoai as maybe helping with website and wiki. I am willing to work for nothing. I can also pitch ideas for game, and help make the game as realistic as possible (for an alien invasion game lol) with my knowledge of past, present, and future weapons of the human armed forces. Please email me at CentronT2 AT if I can help with anything. --Centron

Feel free to add suggestions of weapon/equipment description, but we already have alot of them (See especially src/docs/*) and only the ones that are missing there (and not yet entered in the wiki) are needed. You already added alot of descriptions that are already there. :) PS: you can sign your text with --~~~~ or --~~~. This will produce something like my own signature --> --Hoehrer 17:13, 6 June 2006 (CEST)