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Comma-separation in lists

Just a thought. What about support for comma-separation in lists? --H-hour 23:00, 29 May 2012 (SAST)

 	names {
		female Aakriti,Abeba,Adina,Afra,Afua
		male "Aakriti Abeba,Adina Afra,Afua"

Quotes required when a space exists within an item on the list? Or always required is fine too.

This way is not really a list, but it can works too. But if you check the script there is many more names, then i dont think it is very good idea.
Quotes is IMO needed to identify values witch are not a reference.
BTW we also can write it like that:
 	names {
		female "Aakriti"
		female "Abeba"
		male "Aakriti"
		male "Abeba"
Bayo 13:54, 30 May 2012 (SAST)

I agree with the components example. It's a good thing to change this to a more standard script syntax. I dislike the first approach to add a "name" in front of each list entry: a) it would a lot of useless content b) it's not always "name". But instead of using [ and ] we should maybe do

list names { ... }

I have not yet a good idea about the embedded languages (particles)

--Mattn 12:27, 2 June 2012 (SAST)

The list token on the front can do job, but to me it is not the same level of meaning. I can write some XML code to another page to show the difference but here it will be ugly.

Then to write something as short as possible, here only the result feeling. If you really want something with the "list" token, i think we should put it after the property type.

foo list { ... }
// witch mean
foo // i define foo
list { // which is a list

// BTW maybe you can more agree something like
foo list( ... )

// like
foo // i define foo
"bar" // which is a string

We can compare both

fooo a {
	name  ""
	amount 30
	list types { ortnok taman spider }

// or

fooo a {
	name ""
	amount 30
	types list { ortnok taman spider }

But both looks a little strange, that why i think using another token like [ (or what ever) is better... list( is not so bad too... Bayo 15:09, 2 June 2012 (SAST)

Changing mdl to model

some script entries like the techs have mdl, others have model - that should be unified imo