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How to rework main tab header?

How to update screenshots from news page?

How to update Available translations‎ progress bars

  • synchronize wiki data to po files (how?)
  • generate wiki data with ./src/po/
  • update the page Template:Translation status/Data with the content of ./src/po/
cd ./src/po/
./ . ufoai.pot

How does the feed for news work?

  • News template contain class tag to identify content type.
  • script read the HTML page containing news and convert it to ATOM xml.
  • Cron call every 4 hours
    0 */4 * * * ...
  • The script news.php only read the already computed ATOM file.

How to add a news


connect mattn;

Number of registration per days

select DATE(FROM_UNIXTIME(dateRegistered)), count(*) from smf_members group by DATE(FROM_UNIXTIME(dateRegistered));

Number of member per IP (there is also a memberIP2)

select memberIP, count(*) from smf_members group by memberIP order by count(*);

With filter:

select SUBSTR(memberIP,1, 8), count(*) from smf_members group by SUBSTR(memberIP, 1, 8) order by count(*);

Forum anti-spam

The forum it ATM protected against spammers with reCAPTCHA and MOD Stop Spammer (configuration Admin/Registration/Settings). MOD Stop Spammer share between web sites a list of black listed IPs/user names/mails.

For a new registration, the default behaviour only check user email (Admin/Members/awaiting activation). If this account is already black listed, administration must activate the account (Admin/Members/Awaiting approval).

About spammer:

  • They wait a long time before activation there account by mail.
  • They never post anything
  • They use signature with URL to useless website

Then some time:

  • We should clean up Awaiting approval list time to time (1 time a month)
  • We should clean up/check Awaiting activation (1 time a day can be nice, cause spammer are slow)
  • We should check user without post. (1 time a day/week, the harder job)
    • Check the signature
      • Ban the user/the mail (and the IP, if it create more than 1 user)
        • Delete the account (or not, cause remember the relation user-IP can be usefull sometime).
        • Or at least clean up the signature