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My name is Richard Braakman. I have previously been active as a Debian Developer, but I have retired from that. I'm interested in creating and promoting games on Linux, as part of the Linux World Domination initiative.

Other free software activity:

  • Initial author (with Christian Schwartz) of Lintian, the Debian package checker
  • Worked on Kannel, the WAP and SMS gateway
  • Wrote elice, a compiler for PureBasic (via C++) in order to free Lost Labyrinth

I've always been interested in compilers and interpreters. In general I prefer code whose user interface can be described in terms of file formats, packet layouts and socket operations, but I'm learning about GUIs in order to make games. I have several game ideas ready to go; too many, in fact, since I can't seem to concentrate on any of them for long enough to make something happen.

UFO:AI Contributions

  • Support for non-Latin scripts: input, rendering, linewrapping
  • Bugfixes and speedups
  • Code cleanup of Production screen