UGV Equipment/Proposed/Plasma Module

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Pre-Research Draft Example:

Commander, thanks to the Alien technologies we've incorporated into our Phoenix UGV, I believe we have the means of arming it with Alien Plasma weapons. We believe we've learned enough from studying Plasma weapons that our teams have recovered to disassemble a Plasma Blaster and two Plasma Pistols, then integrate the components responsible for actually generating the Plasma discharge into a new UGV module. With this combination, the new UGV Plasma Module would have the ability to fire a Plasma Blaster with increased accuracy, and at close range it would have the option of using a Plasma Thrower discharge as if from two Plasma Pistols simultaneously.

Battle Implications

Arms Phoenix UGVs with a Plasma weapon that has the firing modes of the Plasma Blaster, but is more accurate than the Plasma Blaster, and also adds a Plasma Thrower mode that works the same was as the Plasma Pistol, but with twice as much plasma "thrown". This module cannot be used on Ares UGVs.

Note: The production of a Plasma Module requires the presence of a Plasma Blaster and two Plasma Pistols at the same base. These items are destroyed when production begins.

Research Tree Data

(This information for reference only; do not translate or include in-game.)

 2 Plasma Pistols in storage
 1 Plasma Blaster in storage
 Plasma Pistol researched
 Plasma Blaster researched
 Phoenix UGV researched
 Player must have used a UGV in at least one mission
 Enables production -- Plasma Module