UGV Equipment/Proposed/Particle Cannon Turret

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Pre-Research Draft Example:

Commander, although we do not have a means of producing our own Particle Beam Cannons, we should be able to design a turret for our UGVs capable of operating any working Particle Beam Cannon we recover. The recoil from the Particle Beam Cannon is horrendous, and a UGV is far better able to handle the forces involved than a soldier. A specially designed turret also will not be inhibited by the weapon's alien ergonomics. We can get started at your discretion.

Battle Implications

Adds the ability to arm UGVs with Particle Beam Cannons. UGVs are able to fire Particle Beam Cannons more accurately than soldiers due to the fact that UGVs can better handle the recoil, they don't have to deal with incorrect ergonomics (per the Particle Beam Cannon text), and the robotic aiming system.

Note: Since this module is designed as an interface between the weapon and the UGV, this module must be coded in such a way that it cannot be added to a UGV if a Particle Beam Cannon is not available in storage at the same base. If a Particle Beam Cannon is available, add the module to the UGV and subtract one Particle Beam Cannon from storage. If the module is later removed, then add one Particle Beam Cannon to base storage.

Research Tree Data

(This information for reference only; do not translate or include in-game.)

 1 Particle Beam Cannon in storage
 Particle Beam Cannon researched
 Enables production -- Particle Beam Cannon Turret