UGV Equipment/Proposed/Heavy UGV Armour

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Heavy Armour offers a possible upgrade over Basic Armour. It only becomes available after the player has a UGV that received damage during a mission and survived to return to base. This allows the scientists to study the damage and come up with the idea for Heavy Armour. Heavy Armour provides significantly more protection than Basic Armour, but its weight slows the UGV down some.

Battle Implications

In combat Heavy Armour will provide a UGV with more protection. The UGV will use more TUs to move the same distance verses other armour types. However, the number of TUs for firing weapons will remain the same. Reaction time will also remain the same.

Research Tree Data


  • Player must have used an Ares UGV in at least one mission
  • At least one UGV must have received damage and survived