UGV Equipment/Proposed/Automatic Grenade Launcher

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Automatic grenade launcher module provides medium range indirect fire support. It uses belt-fed standard 25mm grenades for ammunition and features single-shot, burst or full-auto firing modes. Grenade launcher's Integrated ballistic computer automatically calculates trajectory and sets timer for airburst or delayed detonation. Standard modular mount allows mounting the weapon on most modern armored vehicles and UGVs.

Trifler: I didn't add this one, but I like the idea. If this is added, I definitely think it should include Flechette grenades like the ones available to the soldier-held Grenade Launcher. This way this weapon could operate like an over-sized shotgun at shorter ranges and fire air burst grenades at longer distances. The UGV should be capable of having both loaded simultaneously. Possibly this could be done by having "Flechette Burst" as a firing mode rather than as an ammunition type to make things easier.