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Main window is where most of the time is spent during mapping. Understanding what each component in there does can help in the process.

Main window components

This is how main window looks right after starting up UFORadiant. As a lot of things can be customized, look may differ depending on e.g. used screen/resolution.

UFORadiant 1.6

If you open a map, many areas are populated with map data. Here's how Radiant looks with map opened (main areas annotated): 31 radiant main opened.png

Context menu

RMB Template-RMB.png on a 2D view will open Context menu.

Toolbar icons

Main toolbar
Icon Tooltip text Action
02 open.png Opens file selection dialog to choose map file
03 save.png Saves current map
04 undo.png Undoes actions
05 redo.png Redoes actions
06 x-flip.png Flips selected object on x axis
07 x-rotate.png Rotates selected object on x axis
08 y-flip.png Flips selected object on y axis
09 y-rotate.png Rotates selected object on y axis
10 z-flip.png Flips selected object on z axis
11 z-rotate.png Rotates selected object on z axis
12 select touching.png Selects brushes that are touching the selected brush
13 select inside.png Selects brushes that are inside the selected brush (?)
14 csg subtract.png Subtracts selected brushes from all other brushes
15 csg merge.png Merges the selected brushes, if possible
16 hollow.png Redoes actions
17 select vertices.png Enters vertice selection mode
18 select edges.png Enters edge selection mode
19 select faces.png Enters face selection mode
20 cubic clip.png Toggles cubic clip
21 translate.png Selects translate tool
22 rotate.png Selects rotate tool
23 scale.png Selects scale tool
24 resize.png Selects QE/resize tool
25 clipper.png Selects clipper tool
26 texture lock.png Enables/disables texture lock
27 entities.png Opens entity list
28 console.png Opens Radiant console
29 texture browser.png Opens Radiant texture browser
30 refresh models.png
UFO:AI toolbar
Icon Tooltip text Action
01 level1.png 02 level2.png 03 level3.png 04 level4.png
05 level5.png 06 level6.png 07 level7.png 08 level8.png
Selects brushes marked to appear in a particular level
10 actorclip.png Toggles actorclip brush displaying
11 weaponclip.png Toggles weaponclip brush displaying
12 nodraw.png Toggles nodraw brush displaying

Statusbar contents

Statusbar contents
Area Description
32 statusbar tool.png Shows selected tool name
33 statusbar position.png Shows position of mouse cursor
34 statusbar bru-ent stats.png Shows brush and entity count in the current map
35 statusbar copied-tex.png Shows copied texture name. Currently not too useful in resolutions up to 1024x768
36 statusbar something.png