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We currently have a very open policy for wiki-access, but if spamming gets out of hands we will change write-access only to registered wiki-users.


Documentation & Translation

Story Writers

Most pages that have been written by our story developers (mainly Winter) will have their pages locked once finished.
The main reason is that our translators need informations what has changed so they can update their text as well. Doing this without any system will end up in caos, so please bear with us here.


Translators are adviced to do the same to their finished translatied wiki-pages and tell fixes that they come along to the english talk pages (which are the source for translations, see above).


If you find errors in one of these texts please use the talk/discussion page for that page to point it out.

See also List of msgid and Translating.

Wiki Access

If you are a story-writer, translator or coder and can't lock a page, please contact me or mattn so we can add you to the right wiki-group.