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Hi folks, I have some understanding problems in the part describing the fuel tank:

'A direct hit on the tank or the containment system could still cause an explosion. Much of the blast would be contained by the UFO's tough structure, but any explosion represents an extreme hazard to our interceptors.'

1. When 'naturally the tank is armoured and buried as deep as possible within the fuselage', how is it possible that the fuel tank suffers a direct hit?

2. When the tank explodes the ship's strukture may contain the blast. OK, no problem with that. But most of the interior work must be vaporized. And thats not just some explosion like any other which 'represents an extreme hazard to our interceptors'. Thats the part when pilot and crew make direct contact with the creator.

Am I right with these or is an proton-antiproton explosions not as bad as I think.

Yours - Marvin.