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  • "which achieves continuous wave output in a man-portable form"
what do you mean? the wave output is in a man-portable form? no, the laser is
  • "The practical solution did not lie in trying to create bigger battery packs, but rather using radical miniaturisation technologies to lighten and scale down some heavy-duty laser cannon components."
Even today there is NO problem with creating small, hand-portable high energy lasers. The problem is with power source for them. So miniaturization of other things does not really help here.
  • "The deuterium reacts with the fluorine, producing excited molecules of deuterium fluoride."
hydrogen fluoride(HF) (and also deuterium fluoride(DF), as deuterium is an isotope of hydrogen) is HIGHLY toxic substantion
in today's world HF and DF lasers are rather big installations where exhaust of DF or HF substantions is far away from people using these lasers so the crew won't get contaminated; i somehow find lack of explanations what is going on with DF substantion after reaction in our portable lasers
  • The DF is the right choice for our storyline, because it can work with high effectiveness in atmosphere, the opposite as HF; the point is DF requires larger optical surfaces to shape and focus the beam, and i think here is the place for miniaturisation--Zenerka 14:41, 19 January 2007 (CET)
  • "The laser operates on mid-infrared wavelengths, so it produces no visible beam except to those wearing IR goggles."
    • How shall we port this into the battlescape? Currently laser weapons in battlescape have a visible beam. Agreeing with the 'invisible' part from a physical view-point, the only ways i see is to either remove the beam graphics and only display "hit" graphics (some sort of heating up in hte target area) or to just assume the "commander" (i.e. the player) has some sort visualization-tool to make them visible (it's a tactical interface after all.) --Hoehrer 18:41, 19 January 2007 (CET)
      • I think people would be delighted enough if we actually made an accurate representation of how a laser would look (i.e. a beam that travels instantly from gun to target, stays on target a while, and then disappears instantly) without needing to explain why the player is able to see it on the tactical interface. --Winter 00:18, 20 January 2007 (CET)