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My suggested additions (in italics):


We've recovered a new alien corpse from the battlefield. We should begin dissection and assessment as soon as possible. This looks like a nasty one. I got the shivers just seeing the dead body as it was carted in.

Sincerely, Dr. Connor


My team has analysed the remains of the arachnid machine our operatives brought back, and we have prepared a summary for your review.

My initial reaction of fear to this mechanical creature, though at the time not born of logic, turns out to have been well merited.

Autopsy reveals that the creature is a complex robot without any organic components. Its body is reminiscent of the terrestrial spider; a central body housing the artificial brain and power cells, and eight legs driven by powerful servomotors that allow it to move across the battlefield at frightening speeds. It is equipped with razor-sharp mandibles which can dissect human victims on the spot and store tissue or whole organs in a large cavity located in front of the power cells. These machines have been recorded cutting apart live humans during a terror mission and storing their biomass for retrieval. The process is gruesome and very, very short.

Our soldiers have dubbed the creature 'Bloodspider', and the name has stuck.

Ballistics testing on samples of the Bloodspider's armour plating reveal that it is very tough and has excellent insulating properties, making it effective against a wide variety of weapons.

-- The armour is highly resistant to lasers, electricity and incendiary ammunition, but it can be penetrated by high-velocity armour-piercing rounds.

-- High explosives also achieve good results, as they tend to damage the vulnerable leg joints. This may be the most effective way to take these creatures out.

The existence of this creature raises some frightening questions. It suggests that the aliens are taking a very personal interest in us, and they're not asking questions. Commander, these machines pose a dire threat to any human that comes close. If encountered, they should be destroyed immediately and at all costs.

Sincerely, Dr. Connor

--Volatar 05:53, 3 March 2009 (UTC)