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TO: Base Commander, PHALANX, Atlantic Operations Command

FROM: Dr. Connor, R&D: Bio & Containment Division, PHALANX, Atlantic Operations Command

DATE: %02i %s %i

SUB: Proposal: The Universal Serum


As you may know, our efforts at communication with the live aliens in our Containment unit are progressing only very slowly. We're having a great deal of trouble applying our standard interrogation methods. The truth serum we have available has several distinct limitations; it tends to produce a lethal allergic reaction in most alien bodies unless we restrict it to smaller, insufficient doses, which worsens the serum's already incomplete effect on alien physiology. We've encountered numerous small lies and half-truths in the sessions we've taken so far. Torture has been attempted to influence this behaviour, but to no avail. Pain seems to have no corrective effect on the hive mind.

There's also the larger hurdle of having to inject every single specimen of the hive mind in order to properly submerge any subject's sense of judgment. If one member of the hive mind dies, the remaining specimens' adrenaline-equivalent levels rise to the point where we have to start over.

To this end, armed with our expanded knowledge of the alien mind and body, I propose a new research program to look into a universal set of sera that we can use to extract more reliable information, faster and more easily. There is obviously a great deal of information inside these specimens waiting to be seized, Commander; we just need the tools to properly crack the shell.

Sincerely, Dr. Connor


TO: Base Commander, PHALANX, Atlantic Operations Command

FROM: Dr. Connor, R&D: Bio & Containment Division, PHALANX, Atlantic Operations Command

DATE: %02i %s %i

SUB: Re: The Universal Serum


Our development cycle on the new truth drug is complete. The new set of chemical mixtures we've tested are effective, and they seem to be the solution we've hoped for.

The work we've done on alien biology since the start of the invasion, along with some help from our captives, has put us on the track of certain psychotropic substances -- notably LSD-derivatives -- that have very interesting effects on alien psychology. The divergence of species has been a problem, as some compounds will work on one type of alien but not on another, but with this new data it will be an easy task to whip up drugs specifically tailored to the individual alien species.

Subjects under the influence of this drug have proven to be more pliable and loose-lipped, as long as we keep injecting all the specimens in our containment unit. Unfortunately the hive mind's natural resistance to interrogation is still throwing a spanner in the works. Even with all our specimens fully injected, we've not managed to break that resistance, and the accuracy of our test information has still not been 100% reliable. All data we receive still requires some degree of time-consuming verification work.

On the positive side, the act of getting the information out of our subjects has become quicker and more painless, which should speed up some of our research. The danger of allergenic reaction is much lower and the number of subjects succumbing during interrogation has dropped significantly. The deeper effect of the new drugs may even give us access to more sensitive information that we would not have been able to extract from the hive mind with our old serum.

We should keep up our interrogation efforts to get maximum benefit out of the new drugs.


Dr. Connor

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