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TO: Base Commander, PHALANX, Atlantic Operations Command

FROM: Dr. Connor, R&D: Bio & Containment Division, PHALANX, Atlantic Operations Command

DATE: %02i %s %i

SUB: Memo: Live Aliens


We need to capture some aliens alive if we're ever going to understand our enemy. We can learn a lot from performing an autopsy on alien corpses, but to figure out how these creatures tick we need to observe live specimens.

If you can stun aliens on the battlefield and bring them in alive to a base with an alien containment facility, there's no telling what we could accomplish. We can see better how their biological organisms function and probe them for weaknesses. In time we might even be able to develop a way to communicate with them.

I know it's a great risk to your soldiers to capture them alive, sir, but it's a risk we'll have to take if we're ever going to win this war.


Dr. Connor


(This information for reference only; do not translate or include in-game.)

 1 month in-game with no live aliens captured