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Official Description

An armor that completely surrounds the soldier's body, effectively quarantining the soldier from his or her environment. The fabric of the armor consists of three plies, of which the first and the third are made of fullerene nano-material. In the middle our scientists put a special heavy screen shielding against tachyon particles --- for the first time in this war our soldiers receive a protection from this deadly exotic radiation. Its effectiveness in diffusing tachyon radiation is estimated to be comparable to that of the aliens armor types. The internal life support and the hardness of the armor render any form of stun agents ineffective, be it ultra-high frequency sound waves, drug-injecting projectiles, stun gas, or just toxic fumes.

Battle Implications

The two plies of fabric woven of linked fullerene rings offer great protection, but their outer layers still melt relatively easily on contact with plasma. However, the armor is designed to withstand prolonged exposition to any harsh conditions, including open fire and medium intensity plasma beams. The price of this robustness is that the suit is very heavy, so that only very powerful soldiers will be able to wear it comfortably.