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TO: Base Commander, PHALANX, Atlantic Operations Command

FROM: Dr. Connor, R&D: Bio & Containment Division, PHALANX, Atlantic Operations Command

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SUB: Proposal: The Enemy On Earth


My team and I are deeply troubled by the recent reports of human hostility against PHALANX personnel, as I'm sure you are. We've all seen the battlefield footage. There's no doubt that the attackers were humans like you and me, but it's also clear they were using alien weaponry and equipment -- some of which even PHALANX has never seen before.

The worrying questions seem to mount up. First, however, we need to review the facts we have.

Do the aliens have active sympathisers on Earth? Yes.

Are the aliens supplying these human servants? Most likely, it's the only reasonable explanation for their advanced alien equipment.

Do the servants present a threat? Absolutely. Perhaps a greater one than the alien menace itself.

We need to delve deeper into what makes these people tick. If we can find out the most common causes for alien infiltration, our Information Division should be able to devise a far more successful propaganda strategy, which could increase our number of volunteers as well as decrease the alien infiltration rate across the globe. DivBio also has a stake; we'd like to examine at least one live human prisoner in our Containment unit so we can run a full physical examination. If the aliens have bodily altered these people in addition to training and supplying them, we'd like to find out about it.

Director Wong (DivInfo) reports that if we hold off too long on implementing a new info strategy, we could soon face recruitment shortfalls and increased human resistance as the sympathisers begin to grow. I tend to agree. We need to keep this planet together if we are to have any chance against the alien threat.


Dr. Connor


TO: Base Commander, PHALANX, Atlantic Operations Command

FROM: Dr. Connor, R&D: Bio & Containment Division, PHALANX, Atlantic Operations Command

DATE: %02i %s %i

SUB: Re: The Enemy On Earth


You need to read this right away. With your authorisation, we've performed several autopsies and done our best to examine the live prisoners taken on our mission against the alien sympathisers. The results are alarming.

Do you remember the report I sent you about the first live alien specimen we captured? As you may remember, it lost all its intellect and became largely unresponsive without fellows to empower the hive mind. Prepare yourself, Commander: The human prisoners in our Containment unit exhibit the very same symptoms. They do not think for themselves. Their thought processes are firmly suppressed and supplanted by the alien hive mind through a process we currently fail to understand.

We've run and re-run examinations and blood tests on these people ad nauseum, and there can be no mistake. The blood samples are full of foreign DNA. All these people are carrying something in their bloodstream -- a kind of single-cellular organism present in huge numbers, which appears to replicate like a virus when placed in an uninfected human body and rapidly takes over, enslaving the victim to the alien hive mind.

These subjects run the gamut of the human race; there seems to be no preference for IQ or physical potential. We don't yet know how the infection takes root, but even a few of these organisms entering the bloodstream may be enough to infect and enslave an individual entirely. Not even our own employees are immune, as we discovered to our horror when we screened our base personnel.

Our field agents remain clean, thank God -- just think if we'd gone into a combat zone with soldiers capable of turning on their teammates at any moment! -- but I fear we have found one conclusive result. It's Dr. Eisenhower, our Director of Administration. He's been away on business to the UN since last week, but we ran an older sample which has come up positive. We don't know when or how he was subverted or if he even joined PHALANX with honourable intentions, but it's clear he has acted as an alien spy for some weeks. Unfortunately we can't seem to find him at any of the locations he was scheduled to visit. Internal Security has taken charge of his workstation and is in the process of information control.

Things are a bit hectic right now. Dr. Eisenhower's infection implies that other members of a hive mind -- human or alien -- were in close enough proximity to allow him to function at human intelligence. He could have linked up with our subjects in Containment, or a nearby alien cell, or even other infiltrators inside our base. Right now, we don't know. Quarantine procedures have been tightened to the absolute maximum, and we're rushing another full batch of tests on all our personnel. We're all frightened down here in DivBio. My assistant has been jumping at shadows all day.

Interestingly, our attempts to infect other terrestrial life -- even intelligent vertebrates such as bottlenose dolphins and elephants -- have failed completely. This organism must have been engineered wholly or in part to specifically infect the human species.

We've dubbed the organism the 'EXtraterrestrial Viral Infection', or XVI. This may be somewhat of a misnomer in microbiological terms; XVI is a complex multi-celled organism far larger than any terrestrial virus, but it acts and replicates exactly like one.

Really, what we're looking at here is a bio-weapon of unprecedented proportions. Instead of killing its victims it takes control of them with no option of resistance and -- at the moment -- no available cure or defence. The most humble and harmless civilian can be infected and, with the instant shared expertise of the larger hive mind, become an effective warrior for the aliens while reducing our numbers. When the aliens also supply them with weapons, we can see the true face of horror.

I couldn't imagine a more nightmarish scenario for us. Our troops will undoubtedly be coming up against more and more human opponents during alien attacks on Earth. We may even find people crewing UFOs for the aliens. It's madness.

Commander, we must develop a vaccine against XVI as soon as possible. The danger of our soldiers and salvage technicians falling victim to the infection in the field is too great to ignore even for a moment, let alone allowing the general population to fall prey to this abomination. I hereby request your permission to start work on a vaccine immediately. Please, please respond at your earliest convenience.


Dr. Connor

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