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TO: Base Commander, PHALANX, Atlantic Operations Command

FROM: Cdr. Paul Navarre, R&D: Engineering Division, PHALANX, Atlantic Operations Command

DATE: %02i %s %i

SUB: Proposal: Alien Aircraft Plating

Commander, now that we have the ability to produce and work the alien materials, a whole new range of options has opened up to us. These materials are so strong and flexible that they can be used for almost anything. Their most promising uses, however, have been in aircraft design -- specifically armour.

We've had an extremely difficult time shooting down UFOs thanks to the resilient outer skin of alien materials. Unfortunately we can't simply slap this same kind of skin onto our own craft because the alien materials are far too heavy. Our craft would struggle to even get off the ground. That needn't be the end of it, though.

Commander, if you let us do some research on it, I believe we can come up with an armouring scheme that -- while it might decrease speed and increase fuel consumption a bit -- should give our aircraft a far better survival chance against the alien weapons during interceptions. According to our calculations, aircraft with this kind of armour could withstand several particle beam hits and still remain combat effective.

It's a very promising possibility, Commander, one that definitely deserves investigation.

--Cdr. Navarre


TO: Base Commander, PHALANX, Atlantic Operations Command

FROM: Cdr. Paul Navarre, R&D: Engineering Division, PHALANX, Atlantic Operations Command

DATE: %02i %s %i

SUB: Re: Alien Aircraft Plating

Commander, I've got some good news. My team and I have finished prototyping the alien aircraft plating project. Our new armour is now ready for full PHALANX production.

This has been a difficult project from the start. We've faced several major challenges in designing equipment capable of bending the alien materials into the shapes we want, and 'programming' the materials to change when we want and how we want them to do so. Ultimately we overcame these problems, but then we had to deal with the natural limitations of the material.

The main drawback of these alien materials is their weight. They are significantly heftier than modern human aircraft materials, and anything we make from them will suffer from the extra weight. The only way the aliens manage to keep their wingless UFOs in the sky is through overwhelming engine power. Airspeed, manoeuvrability, fuel consumption, maximum operational range -- all these will be negatively affected by putting alien materials onto our aircraft.

However, it's a sacrifice we don't seem to have any choice in making. Even a very thin skin of alien materials offers a substantial protective benefit, shrugging off hits that would turn our Polymer Aircraft Armour to paste. During air trials of the new armour, one of our own "Sparrowhawk" missiles -- which can bring down most Earth-built aircraft in a single hit -- failed to inflict significant harm to the test craft. I'm not even joking. We've got half an hour of compiled test footage that will confirm everything I just said.

The new aircraft plating we've designed takes full advantage of these capabilities and shows the supreme toughness of the alien materials. The armour can take Particle Beam Weapon hits at point blank range without breaking up. For the very first time, our aircraft will be able to soak up tremendous amounts of damage and still keep flying like the aliens do. I wouldn't say we're quite in the same league yet, but we're getting there.

It may only be feasible to use this armour on aircraft equipped with alien propulsion or otherwise upgraded engines, due to the increased weight and reduced speed and range. Still, even if that turns out to be the case, the new plating will be essential in keeping our current airfleet effective against the mounting alien threat. You and I both know the price tag of new aircraft, Commander -- we cannot afford to let any of our planes become obsolete.

--Cdr. Navarre


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 Alien Materials
 Enables production -- Alien Aircraft Plating