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Technical Specifications: "Raven" ECM Unit


PHALANX Extraterrestrial Response Unit

Technical Document, Sigma Clearance -- Commander's Eyes Only

Filed: 19 March 2084

By: Cdr. Paul Navarre, R&D: Engineering Division, PHALANX, Atlantic Operations Command


Under the continuing efforts of the Excalibur Program, we have scoured the globe for the best components on Earth in order to fit our aircraft with the equipment they need to survive against the alien threat. As always, only the very best equipment has been selected for the defence of our planet.

Electronic warfare has been a part of military operations ever since radar first appeared on the battlefield in World War 2. Ways of defeating radar were constantly under development since it appeared on the shores of Britain, methods such as flying below the height of the transmitter, throwing radar-scrambling 'chaff', and in later years the advent of stealth technology. It has always been better to have the enemy detect your presence later rather than sooner -- or not at all. Even better, your enemy can't shoot what he can't see.

Just like the Mk. 1 Eyeball, electronic detection and targeting can be fooled, and the devices which fool electronic detection and targeting can be fooled in turn. It's a never-ending struggle for superiority which falls under the term 'Electronic Warfare'. ECM (Electronic Counter-Measures) serve to protect the craft with which they are equipped by jamming, deception, decoys and other such stratagems. ECCM (Electronic Counter-Counter-Measures) on the opposing side try to counteract the effect of ECM. And one thing is clear; the aliens are very good at both.

For this reason, we have adopted the "Raven" Electronic Warfare Suite, the most advanced ECM package available in the world, for PHALANX service. It is the best humanity has to offer in the field of disrupting enemy detection, tracking and homing mechanisms. Any aircraft equipped with this piece of kit will have a significantly higher survivability rate against missiles and other independent munitions. It's less effective against aircraft guns, as their targeting equipment is contained on-board and therefore can't be as easily fooled or jammed, but even against these the "Raven" unit provides a noteworthy benefit.

It is very expensive thanks to its advanced electronics and takes up a complete modular slot on one of our aircraft, but one thing is certain; its price tag isn't half as high as the cost of losing one of our aircraft.

Recommended Doctrine

We recommend that every aircraft expected to go up against armed UFOs carry either one of these ECM units or an additional skin of Polymer Aircraft Armour. Even against superior alien systems the additional protection of the "Raven" will help our pilots achieve our goals in the skies of Earth. The expense may seem prohibitive, but the survival of our craft and pilots will certainly justify these costs in the long run.