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Blueprints -- Team Room


PHALANX Extraterrestrial Response Unit

Construction Precis, Sigma Clearance -- Commander's Eyes Only

Filed: 11 August 2008

By: Gen. E. Baxter, Base Commander, PHALANX, Pacific Operations Command



It is painfully clear that soldiers during wartime lead highly stressful lives. In order to maintain morale they need a place to unwind and interact in a rank-free environment. We have sought to provide this kind of R&R in the form of the Team Room facility.

It is equipped with a variety of entertainments, from sports tables to high-tech game consoles. It also features a modest wall-mounted cinema display for communal movie screenings. There are vending machines with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and a separate sitting room for our soldiers to achieve some amount of privacy from the closeness of base living. To this end the sitting room can be locked from the inside for up to 30 minutes per day by each team member. The lock may be overridden from the Control Centre or by a present Command Centre or medical officer in case of an emergency.

All our equipment requires maintenance, and I would argue that our soldiers require the most maintenance of all. The Team Room is one of the best ways to keep them mentally healthy and in fighting trim.

Unless it has access to an operational Power Plant, the Team Room will be shut down to avoid non-vital power consumption.

Recommended Doctrine

The Team Room is an important tool in maintaining good morale amongst our soldiers and should be built in any base that houses a combat team. It provides them with various vital means of stress relief, which will ease the stressful effects of continued combat, life-threatening situations, and the near-certain death of team members in the field. High morale is essential for our battlefield performance and must be maintained at all costs.

However, I must stress that the Team Room is not a replacement for base leave. Our soldiers will still need to be allowed off-base from time to time in order to maintain their connection with the outside world and their sanity.

For the purposes of a base attack, the Team Room is an extremely low-risk installation with little to no strategic value. If encountered by extraterrestrial attackers, it will almost certainly be bypassed altogether in favour of more sensitive installations.