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Blueprints -- Living Quarters


PHALANX Extraterrestrial Response Unit

Construction Precis, Sigma Clearance -- Commander's Eyes Only

Filed: 22 January 1958

By: Maj. Marcel LeClerc, Base Commander, PHALANX, Pacific Operations Command



The Living Quarters facility is the standard habitation unit for PHALANX personnel. It provides living space and sanitation for up to 20 people and several necessary ancillary personnel.

The facility's lower floor contains a soldiers' barracks, communal showers, bathrooms, and a common area where troops can spend their off-duty time. Each soldier receives 1 bunk and 1 locker partition to store their personel effects such as civilian clothes. It is also intended for storage of uniforms and other on-duty equipment.

The upper floor contains officers' quarters, generally used for any ranking/important personnel. Each private quarters has its own bed, desk, storage space and sanitary unit, and the level as a whole sports shared but separate shower cabins. This level is located above-ground and receives natural sunlight.

In the case of an emergency, the Living Quarters has a special partition designed to function as a disaster shelter where non-combat personnel can take refuge until the all clear is given. The shelter provides oxygen and supplies for up to 12 people for 1 week. The access hatch is made of tungsten-reinforced titanium and will open for little short of a nuclear blast.

The Living Quarters does not depend upon any other structures to operate.

Recommended Doctrine

The Living Quarters are an important part of evacuation procedures in the event of a base attack. All non-combat personnel are to drop their current tasks immediately and retreat to the nearest shelter or strongpoint, be it the Command Centre, Living Quarters or other appropriate facility. Seven minutes after the attack alarm sounds, all disaster shelter doors will close -- regardless of how many personnel are accounted for -- and afterwards they will refuse to open except from the inside. Everyone who is not going to participate in the fight should be inside by that time.

The facility is almost worthless from a tactical standpoint, and will most likely be ignored by any extraterrestrials. It is thoroughly unimportant during an attack, as well as cheap to build and easy to repair. There is very little a hostile force could do short of total destruction that can really inconvenience a Living Quarters.