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What is missing is a good UI for UFO Yards to handle transfers between them and selling UFOs which are already stored. For the latter (selling) the backend needs to be rewritten. Currently the selling price varies randomly around a base price which can be abused if the player has the possibility to sell a stored UFO anytime.

UI Mockups

General layout: The window is split to two parts.

The left shows a box for the UFO Yard and one for each UFO stored in it. A vertical scrollbar helps if the list is too long. It is possible to show other UFO Yards in the same popup too with this technique.

The boxes contain a model the Installation/UFO's name the location of the installation or the damage status of the UFO.

The right side is a tabbed panel. An information panel for both UFOs and installations; Transfer and Sell tabs for UFO only (these tabs are disabled when Installation is selected).


to be continued