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May I propose a "Rejected Proposals" subsection? Possibly with half-line explanation for each, so that people will know by example what not to propose. Morever, whether the proposals where jokes or badly designed or just not fitting with UFO:AI setting, their authors surely meant not harm, so why not honor them by leaving their stuff, but in the "Rejected Proposals" subsection?

Winter, if you feel there is too much unneeded work going into equipment section, which is probably true now that you took over desctioptions (thank you!), I would rather propose to change the Equipment section heading, so that it's clear that total rewrites are no longer needed and new suggestions have to be in accord with the setting (where is it described, by the way?). The same for TODO section about creating writing...

--Bandobras 19:40, 18 September 2006 (CEST)

A bin for rejected proposals might be a good idea, yeah. Not too sure about explaining the reasons why, since it takes time and there may be a lot of suggestions incoming in the future. However, if you'd like to create such a section, I'll use it.
As for unneeded work, proposals really are welcome, but they have to be useable. Jokes and references are not. They don't fit, and most of the time they're just really lame. As for real-world weapons, they could run into copyright issues, and regardless there are going to be VERY few of today's weapons still in use 80 years from now. --Winter 00:05, 19 September 2006 (CEST)