• 3. our struct use the convention 3 with a prefix in lower case class uiMyFunkyWidget. Maybe we can use namespace, if we decide to use it. But while we have not updated part of the code with it we should use our current naming convention. Anyway, we can use both.
  • 10, 11 more and more i dislike that way. IDE is quite nice now. It it not beautiful, displeasing, but if you need it to live, its ok
  • 23, 24... no idea
  • 31 i prefer Color::RED
  • 34 what we have is ok, should we really need to update everything again? Easy to do anyway, then i dont care
  • 36 no idea, it can be problematic when fast computation is need? but most of the time we can do it
  • 37 i dont like that, i prefere less newline
  • 38 i prefer TAB to align code, but i dont want special char in strings "\t" instead of " ", dont know what they talk about.
  • 49 we are not making strong OOP software, then i dont care about this rule. struct or class is the same for me
  • 51 i dislike: what's going on int* x, y, z; Is y a pointer to int? anyway i also dislike multi declaration, i prefer
int *x;
int *y;
int *z;
  • 58 sorry i love break and continue
  • 71 should be what we have now TAB=4 (it is what i use here)
  • 75 i prefer } else {
  • 82 i prefer not to use that
  • 83 i prefer not
  • 84 but case 100:
  • 85 i dont see why
  • 87, 88, 89... ugly!
  • 92 but still use /** */ for method, class... javadoc


need some week to check everything