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I'd propose that apart of the 8 soldiers, the team also consists of 4 spare crew members, that can fill the ranks if any soldiers is dead/unconsious. The spare crew members can be pilots (making crafts faster, etc.), medics, workers, scientists. They each contribute some help to the soldiers, as described on their pages. If such a crew member goes into action and is killed, it's bonuses no longer apply to the team. --Bandobras 09:14, 12 September 2006 (CEST)

What about adding security building to base, which boost base defence by AI controled soldiers or in this place workers/scientists etc. go for weapons and act as militia. And of course, SB provides camera system to all base (or in certain reach) to see aliens invaders (and aliens you not, but can jam/destroy camera with certain techs).
Perhaps we already have such building: Team Room. The cameras seem like a nice idea to me (and quite easy to implement as dummy "soldiers" hang on walls) but only if they are made not too powerful. --Bandobras 23:39, 14 September 2006 (CEST)

Base Structure

There has been some discussion about how to map the base out for a base defence. One suggestion was that each facility would be a separate mission, if the aliens won one battle the ajoining facility would come under attack next. I think that would tend to limit battles in scope and variety rather badly. But it occurs to me that it would make sense to have an underground base in levels rather than all on one horizontal plane (which is more difficult to excavate absent a coal seam or similar geological feature). So the base could be laid out in several 3x3 levels, with certain facilities (access, hanger, air defense) only allowed on the top level. The aliens could attack each level in turn, starting with the topmost and moving down. You could require a base access to be built down to each lower level before developing that level, and each mission after the first would have all the intruders (some missions will be XVI humans, right?) starting in the access to that level. With four 3x3 levels minus three extra access facilities minus six randomly placed unbuidable spots on the lower levels (which would make more sense for geologic/structural reasons) would give you a base of the same approximate size, though it would require some modification of the base view screen (simplest might be to lay out the levels in a 2x2(3x3) grid with the level number superimposed on each level's center tile). This could also require you to fight your way back out for every level lost, which would be pretty interesting (in that case you would be the one spawning at the access facility, the aliens would be spread around in your wrecked facilities). Although given the probable effect of too many random unbuildable locations on large facilities like alien containment and workshops, it might make sense to only have one of them per lower level.

Individual facilities could be represented as having two or three stories in the tactical map (in addition to corridor system perhaps?), the idea being that each level is significantly deeper down than the previous one. I don't think there's any need to force the player to build the access for each level in the middle of that level. In some ways that would make sense, but if we think of the different levels of the base being excavated with some off-set to reduce geological stresses...well, whichever is easier to implement is probably fine.--ChunLing 16:04, 29 May 2009 (UTC)