Remaining bit of the description, so that we can remove alien_types.txt:

[hovernet_notes_txt] <TODO>

[hovernet_autopsy_txt] Untangling the network of loose, fibrous material that forms at least 90% of the hovernet reveals a solid disc of unknown construction. Mounting points for weaponry are clearly visible, though the markings alongside them have yet to be deciphered and would be our first breakthrough in understanding the alien language. No joints can be seen between the disc and the dozens of fibres that protrude from it, even under an electron microscope. It is possible that the fibres are extruded from the disc itself, which must provide the most efficient distribution of the hovernet's energy and propulsive force. The loose arrangement of the fibres suggests that a successful hit with a projectile or directed energy weapon is unlikely, and blast or incendiary weapons would have greater effect.

[hovernet_xenobiology_txt] <TODO>