Some actors should be able to climb up/down using a ladder on the map. Few thoughts about implementation:

  • there should be new type of brush; one put such brush on two tiles, where first tile is at levelX and the second is at (levelX+1)
  • player cannot manualy put an actor "to the ladder", but the pathfinding should be able to find a way through the ladder (in both ways, up and down)
  • player can step on tile at (levelX) and by clicking on the tile at (levelX+1) he orders the actor to climb up - at the end of such climbing an actor should stay on tile at (levelX+1)
  • the code should simply play new "climb" animation, and the actor should smoothly move from (levelX) to (levelX+1)

There are few conditions which should be checked before we will allow an actor to climb

  • the actor which is able to use a ladder, should have proper boolean definition (in teamDesc most probably) - mostly humans and organic aliens only
  • we allow to use ladder when an actor has holdtwohanded weapon in hands and/or the second hand is "empty"
  • we do not allow to use ladder when an actor has firetwohanded weapon in hands (big weapon, you cannot just temporary move it to your back)
  • of course MOST OF ACTORS SHOULD HAVE NEW ANIMATIONS which is the reason why we won't have ladders in the nearest future ;-)