• Integrate basic checking for maps - like:
    • info_2x2_start must have a teamnum
    • rma theme dropships must have at least 8 player spawnpoints
    • if mapdef (maps.ufo) has multiplayer set, there must be multiplayer starting points, too
    • a multiplayer starting point must have a teamnum set
  • Integrate unit tests into the build chain
    • Current status
    • Add revision/branch to the CUnit xml output
    • Archive CUnit output per revision/branch
    • Convert XML to HTML, some web browser can't do it themself
    • Better Buildbot integration
      • Catch error, mail people?, ping people on IRC?
      • Web links between CUnit output page and buildbot pages
  • Set up and configure buildchains for mac and solaris (cross compile)
  • Create a nightly build that creates a dmg for mac (maybe even debian packages)