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  • [done] cl_actor
  • [open] all other files (no list yet)


The last patch (with some minor tweaks) is in svn since Revision 10484 --Hoehrer 18:48, 1 August 2007 (CEST)
Update: 5th patch: - seems to work most of the time ... actor-changing with 1-9 keys does not re-center though .. might be some deeper problem. --Hoehrer 16:31, 1 August 2007 (CEST)
Update: 4th patch: - Some cleanup in character<->teamlist sync, still needs heavy testing. --Hoehrer 16:14, 1 August 2007 (CEST)
Update: 3rd patch: removed nearly every curteam and teamnum stuff. --Hoehrer 13:27, 1 August 2007 (CEST)
Update: new patch: "teamSize" is no pointer anymore. --Hoehrer 12:29, 1 August 2007 (CEST)
Big patch - testing welcome:

  • [open] Make sure all singleplayer and multiplayer teams behave as intended.
  • [done] cl_basemanagement.c <-- this is one of the most annoying files when it comes to curTeam usage IMO
  • [done] cl_actor <-- no big deal. Nice function GetActorChr takes care of all problems.
  • [done] cl_team.c <-- the only curteam stuff that is useful in here is the one for the display-list (to display one type if empl). But this can be done via a "static empl_list[]" the earlier the better.
  • [done] cl_menu: MN_Drag - I think this has to share its info with cl_team AND the battlescape ... that might get more tricky. The foundation is layed out, see the todo comments in the file. The main thing todo is to use the display-array as cl_team.
  • [done] cl_aircraft.c <-- one of the last things to change I think
  • [done] cl_basemanagement.h <--The very last thing ;)

  • [done] cl_main.c it's just "CL_SendCurTeamInfo"
  • [done] g_client.c <-- Nothing to do in here, it's just a comment.
  • [done] g_client.h <-- Nothing to do in here, it's just a comment.

baseCurrent pointer

baseCurrent pointer is global variable which is used in most of client code. The purpose of this pointer is to point to currently selected base.

the problem

Unfortunately currently it is used not only for the functions handling things with currently selected bases, that is menus, but also it is used in many core functions regarding aircraft selecting, team generating, equipment management and so on. As the result, this pointer very often does not point to the currently selected base, as it should be, which leads to make things out of sync.

the solution for singleplayer

Code cleanup and rewrite. :-)

mission handling

When aircraft reaches mission, cls.missionaircraft is being set to this aircraft. In every case of misison handling, use:

base_t *base = CP_GetMissionBase();
aircraft_t *aircraft = cls.missionaircraft;

to get both aircraft used in given mission and its homebase. Every usage of baseCurrent and baseCurrent->aircraftCurrent should be replaced by the code above.

team handling

Cleanup in cl_team.c is needed. Almost every function in there, which handles teams (actors generating, names generating, equipment generating, equipment handling) uses baseCurrent and/or baseCurrent->aircraftCurrent.

the solution for multiplayer

Currently multiplayer team handling assumes that we use first base (gd.bases[0]) and first aircraft (AIR_AircraftGetFromIdx(0)) and this aircraft is aircraftCurrent (base->aircraftCurrent). In the long run removing usage of aircraft and base in multiplayer is needed - base and aircraft info is not needed for multiplayer. In the short run, make sure that cl_team.c functions which are being used in team generation, are able to handle things without baseCurrent and baseCurrent->aircraftCurrent set. See cl_team.c/CL_MultiplayerEnvironment_f() as a current ugly workaround.

the desired behaviour

baseCurrent SHOULD have base value assigned ONLY when we are selecting the base on the geoscape and entering it. baseCurrent SHOULD be used only in any base menu (building menu, research menu, transfer menu, etc), because it indicates CURRENTLY SELECTED base. Usage of baseCurrent in every "core logic" function which handles stuff not regarding given menu should be replaced by something else.