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Chronological Overview

This is a chronological overview of what should happen with UFOs recovered from tactical missions. This is valid for both crashed and landed UFOs.

After Recovery

After the player has secured a UFO with a tactical mission, he should be presented with a pop-up box of options.

List of options:

1) Store the UFO in a UFO Hangar of appropriate size (if a hangar is available). If this option is clicked, show a list of bases with free UFO Hangars of appropriate size, so the player may select a base in which to store the UFO.

2) If no free UFO Hangars are available, offer the option of replacing an old UFO with the newly-recovered UFO. Bring up the same list of choices for this old UFO: store, sell or destroy. Any UFO in a hangar of appropriate size may be replaced, unless that UFO has not yet been researched.

3) Sell the UFO to a nation of choice. If this option is clicked, show a list of nations which have not been fully infiltrated by aliens, so the player may select which nation to sell the UFO to. Also show prices offered by each nation. Selling a UFO to a nation will make that nation happier, and all other nations less happy. Prices will be calculated from the combined value of the UFO's components, plus some extra.

4) Destroy the UFO. This will destroy all components still contained in the UFO, but will not affect nation relations.

  • including antimatter? destroying antimatter in the city where the mission was will not affect nation relations?--Zenerka 11:02, 9 May 2007 (CEST)
    • The UFO would be taken to a safe place before being destroyed. --Winter 09:54, 11 May 2007 (CEST)


All UFOs of each type contain a set number of components. A landed UFO contains all of these resources, minus used fuel and ammunition. A crashed UFO, however, has a different distribution of resources.

Starting from the UFO's base components (X), a number of components (Y) is destroyed outright and will be unrecoverable by the player. Then, a number of components (Z) is removed from the UFO and added to the tactical mission. These components will be recovered at the end of the mission regardless of what happens to the UFO.

Antimatter cannot be recovered from crash sites or disassembling crashed UFOs. It can only be taken from landed UFOs.

UFO In Hangar

When a UFO reaches a UFO Hangar, if this is the first recovered UFO of its type, enable the appropriate research topic for that UFO. Upon finishing this research topic, add the UFO's components to base storage.

If the research topic is already researched, enable a production topic instead for disassembling this UFO, and send a standard e-mail to the player informing him that a new UFO has been stored and is ready for disassembly. Once the player assigns Workers to the disassembly topic, gradually add UFO components to base storage over the course of the disassembly, and remove the UFO from hangar once disassembly is 100% complete.

At any time when a UFO is in a UFO Hangar, the player should be able to bring up a menu where he can choose to move, sell or destroy this UFO, even if it is not yet researched.

List of UFOs and Components

UFO -- Scout

Alien Materials: 30

Antimatter: 200 (0 if crashed)

Alien Propulsion: 2

Alien Astrogation: 1

Alien Detection: 1

UFO -- Fighter

Alien Materials: 40

Antimatter: 250 (0 if crashed)

Alien Propulsion: 2

Alien Astrogation: 1

Alien Detection: 1

Particle Beam Weapon: 1

UFO -- Harvester

Alien Materials: 80

Antimatter: 600 (0 if crashed)

Alien Propulsion: 4

Alien Astrogation: 2

Alien Detection: 2

Particle Beam Weapon: 2

Alien Launcher: 1

Alien Antimatter Missile: 12

UFO -- Supply Ship

Alien Materials: 130

Antimatter: 1000 (0 if crashed)

Alien Propulsion: 4

Alien Astrogation: 1

Alien Detection: 1

UFO -- Carrier

(Not yet written, requires special code)