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Add properties to svn data files:

svn:copyright list of all authors that were involed
svn:license   the exact license the data is placed under
svn:source    derived work? source url

svn ps svn:license "Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike 3.0" David01.ogg
svn ps svn:copyright "David Reeves (Destructavator)" David01.ogg
  • Use svn proplist -R -v to show the current properties in the current directory.
  • there is a script in contrib/scripts named which might be very helpful, too
  • List of directories:
  • [WIP] base/models/aircraft/: inter_stiletto and ufo_carrier left
  • [done] base/models/aliens/
  • [done] base/models/civilians/
  • [WIP] base/models/geoscape/: inter_stiletto.*, ufo_carrier.*, and missile.* left
  • [WIP] base/models/soldiers/: ugv_phoenix and ugv_triax left
  • [done] base/models/weapons/
  • base/models/objects/:
  • [done] base/music
  • [WIP] base/sound/weapons: many left
  • [done] base/sound/aliens
  • [WIP] base/sound/misc: klonk*.wav, plopp*.wav, big_boom.wav, metalbreak.wav and glassbreak.wav left
  • [done] base/sound/ambience
  • [done] base/sound/footsteps
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