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08:54, 12 August 2013Techtree timeline.png (file)136 KBH-hour (Updated the tech tree with some minor modifications to interceptor requirements)3
13:38, 20 June 2013UFO-Alien-Invasion-master-01d1bbf-2013-06-17.bundle.torrent (file)15 KBH-hour (This is a torrent file to download a git bundle of the repo which was bundled at commit 01d1bbf on 2013-06-17.)1
13:36, 20 June 2013UFO-Alien-Invasion-master-01d1bbf-2013-06-17.bundle (file)15 KBH-hour (A torrent file to download a git bundle of the repo which was bundled at commit 01d1bbf on 2013-06-17.)1
12:58, 20 June 2013UFO Alien Invasion version 2.4 win32 installer.torrent (file)19 KBH-hour (Torrent for release version 2.4 of UFO: Alien Invasion for Windows.)1
22:36, 7 May 2013Reaction fire ui proposal.jpg (file)500 KBH-hour 1
23:03, 19 March 2013Exp-to-stat-curves.png (file)23 KBH-hour (Added a curve that uses a second equation after 5000 exp )2
23:51, 18 March 2013Accuracy-with-weapons.png (file)9 KBH-hour (Percent chance to hit as displayed by the game for various weapons with various Accuracy and Skill values.)1
22:55, 18 March 2013Ability-stat-per-mission.png (file)38 KBH-hour (Distribution of stat points gained by different soldiers in their abilities depending on how many missions they've been on.)1
22:54, 18 March 2013Skill-stat-per-mission.png (file)29 KBH-hour 1
22:53, 18 March 2013Skill-exp-per-mission.png (file)26 KBH-hour 1
22:52, 18 March 2013Exp-to-stat-equations.png (file)20 KBH-hour (Effects of possible changes to the equation which converts experience points to character stats.)1
17:45, 21 January 2013Ui psionics.jpg (file)51 KBH-hour (Quick mockup to suggest how we might implement psionics into current HUD.)1
23:57, 14 January 2013Foliage.jpg (file)537 KBH-hour (Early screenshot of Sandro's new foliage feature)1
23:49, 14 January 2013Soldier-heads.jpg (file)163 KBH-hour (New soldier heads from Pawel)1
12:17, 9 December 2012Solarplant.png (file)907 KBH-hour (Solar plant map)1
12:14, 9 December 2012Alien-ew.jpg (file)28 KBH-hour (Alien Electronic Warfare Suite)1
12:14, 9 December 2012Smoke-grenades.jpg (file)173 KBH-hour (Smoke grenades in action.)1
11:07, 7 December 2012Export md2 skins 3dsm.jpg (file)122 KBH-hour (A quick tutorial on setting up skin references for export in 3dsm.)1
12:27, 20 November 2012GooglePlusIcon.png (file)1 KBH-hour 1
00:23, 16 November 2012Twitter Icon.png (file)1 KBH-hour 1
12:40, 15 November 2012Strength gain.png (file)31 KBH-hour (A table showing the rate of strength gain with the original formula and with an increased constant. Red cells represent a normal soldier's expected gain.)1
23:00, 13 October 2012Licenses.png (file)4 KBH-hour 1
11:19, 30 September 2012Strength gain formula.png (file)16 KBH-hour 1
11:27, 25 September 2012Weights ui proposal.jpg (file)46 KBH-hour 1
22:13, 3 June 2012Ui2 market window.jpg (file)94 KBH-hour (Added updated screenshot of window's current state)2
12:59, 27 May 20122.5-soldiers3.jpg (file)125 KBH-hour (Quality normalmaps and specularity support.)1
12:59, 27 May 20122.5-soldiers2.jpg (file)129 KBH-hour (New crouched animations)1
12:58, 27 May 20122.5-soldiers1.jpg (file)115 KBH-hour (New soldiers models for 2.5)1
20:59, 5 May 2012Ui todo research.jpg (file)75 KBH-hour (UI2 research window with indicators for a few todo items)1
15:15, 22 April 2012Ufoai 2.3-dev alienbase.jpg (file)213 KBH-hour (Updated image to reflect new 2.4 alien base.)2
18:35, 23 January 2012Mansion changes.png (file)41 KBH-hour (Recommended changes to Mansion to improve gameplay and increase replayability.)1
18:34, 23 January 2012Mansion ideas.png (file)46 KBH-hour (Overview of mansion with some gameplay notes)1
18:34, 23 January 2012Mansion player movement.png (file)40 KBH-hour (Tactical outline of player movement choices on Mansion)1
18:33, 23 January 2012Mansion outline.png (file)12 KBH-hour (Tactical outline of Mansion)1
18:32, 23 January 2012Mansion sat.png (file)517 KBH-hour (Overview of ShipIt's Mansion map while it is still in progress)1
20:43, 14 January 2012MultiplayerUIFlow.png (file)53 KBH-hour (Flow chart showing a proposed UI for 2.5's multiplayer.)1
13:11, 8 January 2012Graphs on campaign.png (file)69 KBH-hour (Graphs the effects of adjusting a few variables related to campaign spawning)1
12:10, 30 November 2011Terrain.png (file)339 KBH-hour (An image tutorial showing how to create terrain in UFORadiant.)1
10:00, 27 September 2010Radiant brushwork.jpg (file)518 KBH-hour (A tutorial on creating better brushwork (geometry) in Radiant.)1
14:45, 25 September 2010Manual Battlescape1.JPG (file)165 KBH-hour (Added the text to the image)2
11:07, 11 June 2010Surface inspector.jpg (file)42 KBH-hour (Improving quality)3
11:05, 11 June 2010Entities settings.jpg (file)34 KBH-hour (Updated to UFORadiant screenshot)2
11:45, 10 June 2010Radiant resize.png (file)32 KBH-hour (Made it smaller so it fits into the section)2
11:07, 10 June 2010Radiant views.png (file)209 KBH-hour (A screenshot of Radiant showing the different view ports.)1

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