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Will not get included. Please ask in the forums if you really want to use it. General UFO technology

requires_research "UFO Engine" requires_research "UFO Power Source" requires_research "UFO Navigation Computer" requires_research "UFO Control Interface"

[ufo_txt] The alien UFOs take their power directly from the fabric of space itself using a technology we are currently unable to reproduce ourselves. Control is via a dir ect neural interface based on psionic technology. The engines distort space, cre ating a wave in 4-dimensional space and riding the leading edge.

TODO: 2 different engines? Distortion engine only operates in space, away from the gravity well of planets. Perhaps the distortion engine could just be on a mothership, which sends down UFOs with in-well engines? Could have a gateway out be yond the solar-system in deep space which takes them back to their own system instantaneously.