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Will not get included. Please ask in the forums if you really want to use it. Anti-gravity

Until a few days ago no particles known to mankind had negative mass, although physicists have been able to describe some of the anticipated properties such particles may have. Assuming that particles with negative mass exit, this would produce a system where negative masses are attracted to positive masses, yet positive masses are repelled away from negative masses. As well, negative masses would produce an attractive force on one another, but would be repelled because of their negative inertial masses. Many controversial research project and theoretical discussions tried to proof and disproof the existance of negative mass, but neither side was 100% successful.

This mostly theoretical assumptions (since the partical part never provided any proof) have recently been confirmed by findings in alien artefacts. Antareans seem to have found a source of these particles and not only use them in small 'flying' crafts like the hovernet, but also in most of their (bigger) spacecrafts. Since no one ever though of a good name for these particles (exept some SciFi writers) the scientists who researched these particles named them NMP (Negative Mass Particle). We currently do not know where the Antareans got these NMPs from or how they may have produced them if that's possible. So right now we depend on looted NMPs from alien AntiGrav equipment. Maybe further research will reveal more on the origins of these particles. --- Text to put in the research.ufo as a comment since i quoted some things from wikipedia here.. --- The Text above is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License ( It uses material from the Wikipedia article "Exotic matter" ( Mind you that the changes made to the text are not proofable at all.