Proposals/Strenght, Weight and Equipment

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Author: DarkRain (talk, contrib)


This is a proposal for a simple weight system for UFO:AI. The purpose is to provide additional tactical possibilities in the battle field, (fast, light units vs slower, heavier ones), extend the usability life of lighter armours, and give a meaningful purpose to the (almost) unused strength ability.



All items should have assigned a scriptable weight value.

  • I suggest using kilograms as the units for this, but an abstract unit could be used as well.


Actors should have a weight threshold based on their strength, when exceeded they are considered encumbered and should suffer a penalty.

  • To keep it simple, I propose having the penalty to be max TU reduction.
  • Other things to consider:
    • A bonus for actors that are carrying a very low weight.
    • Maybe an absolute max to the weight an actor can carry, based on strength?


At least some form for the user to tell the current and max load of a soldier must be implemented, some form of clear, unobtrusive warning when a soldier is encumbered would also be nice.

Feedback Welcome!

Check the talk page and feel free to share your thoughts.