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I've always enjoyed games where you'd get some detailed background information - something about the characters whose lives you're controlling. I imagine that giving a soldier a background would provide him/her with a much needed personality.

A possible example could be something similar to this:

  • Name: Anuresh Narattan
  • Nationality: Middle Eastern
  • Home City: Dubai (now obliterated)
  • Details:
    Anuresh Narattan is one of the rare cases of people who were actually fortunate enough to survive the attack on Dubai. As fire rained down from the sky, Anuresh found himself surrounded by the maimed bodies of his family. Unable to fight the shock of seeing his loved ones murdered, he was consumed by frustrated rage. In this mindless state, he was picked up by armed forces, who had to knock him out before they could tend to his wounds.
    Having witnessed the alien destruction from a first person perspective, Anuresh is consumed by a cold, bitter and unlogical desire for revenge, which serves as his fuel, but at the expense of alienating him from his comrades.
    Anuresh is proficient with a broad range of weapons, but favors small arms with scopes.


This proposal would require the following:

  • Separate soldier names into different lists to fit their origin.
  • Code to link correct background story to a soldier.
  • Code to choose soldiers based on nation providing the soldier.
  • A minimum of 50 backgrounds to ensure uniqueness. Care should be taken to match approximate number of recruits expected from a nation (if it gives more soldiers, it should have more backgrounds).
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