Proposals/Obsolete Proposals/ufo2map verbosity levels

  • new function in trunk/src/tools/ufo2map/common/cmdlib.c
  • Verb_Printf(const int importance, char *fmt, ...)
    • importance compared to verbosity level before proceeding with print.
  • I have been talking about calling it U2M_Printf, but I think maybe Verb_Printf, in case we want to use it elsewhere in the future
  • levels in a typedef enum to allow easy insertion of extra levels in the future.

from the command line: --verbosity <int> with -v as an abbreviation

Of course from the command line, you will have to specifiy the actual number.

In the code

    • nothing from Verb_Printf, only Sys_Error will give output
  • VERB_CHECK 1 (designed for radiant to parse)
    • if compiling, as above
    • if check/fix, print check/fix messages only, in standard form eg "* Brush 0 ..."
  • VERB_MAPNAME 2 (designed for use in script to check all maps)
    • as above, plus:
      • if compiling print mapname when compiling starts, nothing else
      • if -check, then be silent, on first check/fix print mapname, then check/fix messages
    • print a bit less than now. I am thinking that this level could be designed for writing output to file with > , so you do not get all the backspace chars for the spinny progress thingies.
    • print about what we do now
    • guess!
Keep in mind, that there is Sys_FPrintf and SYS_VRB already --Mattn 18:26, 31 August 2008 (UTC)