Proposals/Obsolete Proposals/TUReservation


Author: BTAxis (talk, contrib)

This is a description of a system for TU reservation. This system is meant to be used in conjunction with the proposed Reaction Fire system. There has been some confusion about how reservation should work, so I will try to be as thorough and complete as possible.

Reserving TUs

Reserving TUs is purely a player-aid. Reservation of TUs means only that the player will not be able to use TUs beyond a certain point through manual input. The reserved TUs remain visible on the TU bar, and they can still be used on the current turn if need be (see below).

For example, consider a soldier with a maximum of 30 TUs. He will start his turn with 30 TUs, as per normal. The player may now use this soldier as he pleases, using up all 30 TUs on moving, shooting and other actions. The player may also choose to use up only a part of the soldier's TUs, leaving the remainder for Reaction Fire. Suppose the player wants to have at least 10 TUs remaining on the soldier so the soldier can use Reaction Fire later on. The player can then reserve 10 TUs, and the game will not allow the soldier to take any action that would reduce the remaining TUs below 10. Note that the player could achieve the exact same effect by carefully keeping an eye on his TU bar and making sure to leave at least 10 TUs; the reservation in itself does NOT activate Reaction Fire. Reaction Fire is turned on or off separately.

Methods of reserving TUs

TUs can be reserved in three ways.

  • Reserve a fire mode: An amount of TUs will be reserved equal to the amount of TUs needed to use the fire mode in question. Only one fire mode can be reserved at a time, and only one instance of that fire mode can be reserved.
  • Reserve for crouching/prone: An amount of TUs will be reserved equal to the amount needed to crouch or go prone.
  • Reserve an arbitrary amount: The player may reserve a custom amount of TUs.

In principle, all three methods of reservation can be used simultaneously and will stack, but the total amount of reserved TUs should never exceed the total available TUs for any given soldier.

Using reserved TUs

When TUs are reserved, they can be used in one of two ways.

  • Usage of the TUs for the action they were reserved for: If the player chooses to take the action that corresponds to the TU reservation, the action is allowed, using up the reserved TUs. For example, the player may choose to reserve TUs for crouching, and use them at the end of the soldier's turn.
  • Reaction Fire: Any TUs left over when the End Turn button is pressed will be used for Reaction Fire, providing Reaction Fire is enabled, the soldier's weapon can be used for Reaction Fire and an opportunity for Reaction Fire presents itself.

(Note: Manually reserved TUs can only be used for Reaction Fire.)