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Author: BTAxis


Combat Infantryman's Badge (Requirements: Participated in 1 firefight)

This troop has stood firm in the face of the enemy, fired his weapon, and been fired upon.

Croix de Guerre -- replaces Combat Infantryman's Badge (Requirements: Killing 3 or more enemies within 5 turns, whilst holding Combat Infantryman's Badge)

This troop's acts of heroism in combat with the enemy have earned one of the UN's oldest and most prestigious awards for valour.

Combat Injury Ribbon (Requirements: Received 1 fatal wound)

This troop has taken an honourable wound in the line of duty.

Combat Injury Ribbon W. Cluster (Requirements: Received 3 or more fatal wounds over career)

This troop earned several honourable wounds in the line of duty and still lives to tell the tale.

Combat Lifesaver's Cross (Requirements: Stabilised 3 or more fatally-wounded friendlies in 1 mission)

This troop has performed heroically as a medic in the field of combat.

Royal Red Cross -- replaces Combat Lifesaver's Cross (Requirements: Further amazing feats, whilst holding Combat Lifesaver's Cross)

For truly exceptional service in saving lives under fire, at great risk to the self, this troop has received the UN's highest award for military medicine.

Expert Aviator Badge (Requirements: Shooting down 3 UFOs in career)

This pilot has proven their skills as a flyer and demonstrated unflinching resolve in shooting down the enemy.

Distinguished Flying Cross (Requirements: Shooting down 2 or more UFOs in a single flight, whilst holding Expert Aviator Badge)

For courage and devotion to duty in active operations against the enemy, this pilot has received the UN's highest award for military aviation.

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