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Alien Psionics
The Enemy On Earth

TO: Base Commander, PHALANX, Atlantic Operations Command FROM: Dr. Connor, R&D: Bio & Containment Division, PHALANX, Atlantic Operations Command DATE: %02i %s %i SUB: Proposal: The Enemy On Earth -- Revisited


While going over some of our old data about our first XVI-H test vaccines, I noticed an interesting effect in some of our test subjects. Quoting from my report:

(A Significant Victory) "When tinkering with some of the organism gene sequences, it began to lend itself to large and widespread mutations, which is anomalous with the samples we've extracted from active hosts. In all parts of a host body, the infection maintains its identical nature, and I've managed to figure out how.

Once the infection has established itself in the host body, it begins to actively destroy anomalous versions of itself, cross-referencing the makeup of any cells inside the host body to a batch of templates stored in the victim's bone marrow. Interestingly, the bone marrow is where the initial attack lodges itself, at which point it begins to insert itself directly into leukocytes created in the infected marrow. The connection is obvious. This is how it bypasses the human immune system and maintains its own viral hygiene."

The possibilities may not seem apparent at first; certainly they had not seemed apparent to me until I went over the mutation results. Even though the organism we researched a month ago is outdated compared to the one we face now, we've been able to make some very interesting changes to its genetic makeup during our test runs. These changes are most apparent in the effects reported by our test subjects. They have claimed to be able to sense other test subjects through walls -- without even knowing about the existence of other subjects. In some cases, the entire test batch began unknowingly using expressions or turns of phrase that one or more of the subjects were fond of. However, they do not seem to have formed a hive mind or communal identity of any sort, and do not lose their individual intellect when separated from each other. The reports do not appear to be restricted exclusively to XVI-carriers either; a small number of subjects injected with a particular test vaccine have apparently been able to detect unvaccinated lab staff before entering the room. This is currently uncorroborated, but it meshes with the fact that the aliens are able to remotely influence human minds regardless of vaccination.

Allow me to cut to the chase. We believe we may be able to insert a genetically-engineered virus of our own to control certain changes to the XVI organism -- given enough research -- and possibly alter its function to be beneficial to a human host. For example, if we could equip our soldiers with this enhanced awareness about their relative locations, it would yield significant gains in closer team tactics and would decrease the response time for meeting new threats. This is a fascinating possibility that holds awesome potential, though I realise it is an offshoot of our other XVI research and we may not be able to give it precedence. Still, it could be well worth the research effort.

If you disagree with my assessment, I will respect your decision, and I assure you I won't let these ideas distract me from my normal work.

Sincerely, Dr. Connor

TO: Base Commander, PHALANX, Atlantic Operations Command FROM: Dr. Connor, R&D: Bio & Containment Division, PHALANX, Atlantic Operations Command DATE: %02i %s %i SUB: Re: The Enemy On Earth -- Revisited


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Sincerely, Dr. Connor