On-site Interrogation

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Maybe we could interrogate aliens on-site? That would add an interesting factor in gameplay.

Here's how it would work: Imagine an individual alien's brain as a safe of info, stored by the XVI virus as a sort of shortcut key. Then special drugs can "tickle" the info out of that safe, to be heard by anyone caring to listen.

In game play, once some research is made, the workshop can be made to make "Interrogation" kits. These are used by a soldier on a stunned alien during combat over a 3-4 turn period. If that soldier or alien isn't killed during interrogation, then the player will have information on the next few alien missions displayed on the world map. At first,all the player can see is the ship type and destination, and errors abound. As the interrogator's skill increases and the kits get improved, more info appears, and errors become scarce.