Monthly update for April, 2018

Continued working on UFORadiant in April. The goal is to make it work on Gtk3. This is a long and tough journey, help is welcome!

At a point I successfully broke the compilation on Windows - simply because our Code::Blocks bundle contains way too old Gtk library. So half the month was spent on evaluating new compilation methods for Windows users. The winner became an MSYS2 + Code::Blocks combination as that looks to be the easiest way to set up an up-to-date environment even for less experienced people. If you'd like to give it a try, check out our Compile_for_Windows atricle.


  • Eliminate deprecated GTK function/macro calls
  • Eliminate deprecated GDK function/macro calls
  • Add MinGW-W64 compiler definitions for CodeBlocks
  • Add libcairo to UFORadiant LDFlags in CodeBlocks project
  • Fix openal linking in Code::Blocks
  • Fix order of linking Zlib in CodeBlock projects
  • Reorder units in CodeBlocks project
  • Update Code::Blocks projects to use SDL2
  • Change CodeBlocks Compiler to mingw-w64-i686
  • Silence expansion-to-defined GCC warnings
  • Update CrashDump URL

In total, 11 commits were made in the UFO:AI repository in April.


Monthly update for March, 2018

This month was mostly around modernizing the code under UFORadiant (the map editor).

  • Prefix ld parameter for g++ in CodeBlocks project files
  • Add cairo library to CMake configs
  • Disable a new (and annoying) GCC 7.x warning
  • Fix some doxygen issues
  • Update doxygen configuration files
  • Resolve more GTK2 deprecation warnings
  • Replace deprecated GDK text combobox widget
  • Resolve deprecated GTKTooltips
  • Convert GDK Graphic Context to Cairo drawing
  • Fix some windows specific GTK direct access
  • Remove direct access to GTK structures
  • Replaced deprecated GDK_key constants
  • Resolve deprecated glib thread and mutex wanings in UFORadiant
  • Update BugTracker URL in UFORadiant
  • Mute some -Waddress warnings
  • Don't include individual GTK/GDKheaders

In total, 16 commits were made in the UFO:AI repository in March.


Development update for January-February, 2018

  • Fix #5674 container backgrounds on equipment UI are not visible
  • Fix soldierlist on baseequip screen get ghost records
  • Resolve patch #5640 Improve happiness calculation from missions
  • Fix #5543 mansion won via target zone reduces nation happiness
  • #5679 Updated French translations by Damyen
  • Fix socket leak #5678
  • Fix minor memory leak #5678
  • Reset antimatter cargo in Transfer UI
  • Re-organized base section Lua modules

In total, 13 commits were made in the UFO:AI repository in January & February.