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Freenode drama, we are moveing to

If you use IRC, you’ve probably heard all the recent drama around Freenode and how everyone’s moving to Libera. If not, consider yourself informed. See you there.

If not - checkout:


Monthly update for April, 2018

Continued working on UFORadiant in April. The goal is to make it work on Gtk3. This is a long and tough journey, help is welcome!

At a point I successfully broke the compilation on Windows - simply because our Code::Blocks bundle contains way too old Gtk library. So half the month was spent on evaluating new compilation methods for Windows users. The winner became an MSYS2 + Code::Blocks combination as that looks to be the easiest way to set up an up-to-date environment even for less experienced people. If you'd like to give it a try, check out our Compile_for_Windows atricle.


  • Eliminate deprecated GTK function/macro calls
  • Eliminate deprecated GDK function/macro calls
  • Add MinGW-W64 compiler definitions for CodeBlocks
  • Add libcairo to UFORadiant LDFlags in CodeBlocks project
  • Fix openal linking in Code::Blocks
  • Fix order of linking Zlib in CodeBlock projects
  • Reorder units in CodeBlocks project
  • Update Code::Blocks projects to use SDL2
  • Change CodeBlocks Compiler to mingw-w64-i686
  • Silence expansion-to-defined GCC warnings
  • Update CrashDump URL

In total, 11 commits were made in the UFO:AI repository in April.


Monthly update for March, 2018

This month was mostly around modernizing the code under UFORadiant (the map editor).

  • Prefix ld parameter for g++ in CodeBlocks project files
  • Add cairo library to CMake configs
  • Disable a new (and annoying) GCC 7.x warning
  • Fix some doxygen issues
  • Update doxygen configuration files
  • Resolve more GTK2 deprecation warnings
  • Replace deprecated GDK text combobox widget
  • Resolve deprecated GTKTooltips
  • Convert GDK Graphic Context to Cairo drawing
  • Fix some windows specific GTK direct access
  • Remove direct access to GTK structures
  • Replaced deprecated GDK_key constants
  • Resolve deprecated glib thread and mutex wanings in UFORadiant
  • Update BugTracker URL in UFORadiant
  • Mute some -Waddress warnings
  • Don't include individual GTK/GDKheaders

In total, 16 commits were made in the UFO:AI repository in March.


Development update for January-February, 2018

  • Fix #5674 container backgrounds on equipment UI are not visible
  • Fix soldierlist on baseequip screen get ghost records
  • Resolve patch #5640 Improve happiness calculation from missions
  • Fix #5543 mansion won via target zone reduces nation happiness
  • #5679 Updated French translations by Damyen
  • Fix socket leak #5678
  • Fix minor memory leak #5678
  • Reset antimatter cargo in Transfer UI
  • Re-organized base section Lua modules

In total, 13 commits were made in the UFO:AI repository in January & February.