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Tags are attachment points for other models. They are stored in a separate file besides the model with the file ending *.tag.

We have exporters for the following model software:

We have importers for the following model software:


We are using tags for character models to tell the engine where to place the head and the weapons and where the floor for the model is. For characters we need animated tag files. That means, if the character moves the hand, the tag for the hand (either tag_rweapon or tag_lweapon, see below) has to move, too.

List of tags we need for characters:

  • tag_floor (only for internal usage - for calculating the other tags positions)
  • tag_head
  • tag_rweapon
  • tag_lweapon


Besides characters our weapons can have a tag assigned to determine the position of the muzzle particle.

List of tags we need for weapons:

  • tag_muzzle